Fan Fare Friday

No recipes today - just some crowd pleasing cakes....

There must be a cake at the tailgate - it's just a rule (often broken, but still a rule). One of the ladies at my dad's tailgate always brought the most impressive cakes - in all shapes and flavors - and always (yes, always) blue and white.

checkerboard blue and white - you can do this with the "fancy" pans or by making a thicker batter and piping in the stripes. This is a three layer cake, so, some tips - (1) use only egg whites in the batter; this will make the white cake whiter (ya think?) and the blue cake less teal. (2) as with any layer cake - beware the sun and warm weather - it will make your icing melt and, most likely, your cake will slide - also, be careful when coloring the batter - it's better to have more white batter left over, because you can always dye more blue (I make this mistake when adapting the recipe for the Philadelphia Eagles - the whole bottom layer was green - it still looked and tasted great - but it wasn't the total "wow" I was going for).

Lion's Head Cake - it's a Wilton pan, and yes, the Lion has a mane - but hey - it's still a Lion!. The cake underneath is "blue velvet" - ie, white cake with 3 million teaspoons of blue food coloring paste. If you like, warn your guests about the digestive phenomenon of consuming that much food coloring - or don't.

Football field cupcakes (extras are pictured above). First, make 4 dozen (one normal cake recipe's worth of) mini chocolate cupcakes (or more, depending on the size of your platter/crowd/dedication). Once the cakes have cooled, frost with green tinted icing. Top with green coconut (achieved by placing coconut in ziplock bag with one (or two) drop of green food coloring and mixing until coconut is uniformly green). Place cupcakes close together on a platter (with no gaps) - decorate as desired. I have a couple of the Wilton football team sets - one team is blue and white (yahoo!) and the other is scarlet and gold - I put the "other team" on their head, backsides, etc. When serving the cakes (showing off) I usually say that the other team is fsu - and I point to one of the "players" and say "that one's sad because he's about to lose, and he's getting an inferior education."

Cake is Truth.

Football Cake. Again, a Wilton pan.

This one was fun to make - I basically followed the directions on the packaging - to a point - I eventually got out a football to check the detail. Not too bad for a first try. Next time I will use a lighter shade of brown (the frosting is chocolate) and work more on the laces.

Jello Cake - A childhood favorite - you make a vanilla cake sheet cake and when it's fresh out of the oven you pierce the top of the cake with a chopstick (skewer, fork, whatever's handy) and then pour blue raspberry jello mix (that has been mixed with warm water) on top. Allow to cool and then frost as desired (a fluffy whipped cream frosting is a good choice).

Stadium Cake - I've posted this one before.

But it's my favorite cake pan of all time - so I think it warrants some more blog space. This was my first stadium. The cake was for an Outback Bowl and other football games party/open house. I have such a great time putting these cakes together. The decorations are a combination of icing and candy (and graham crackers).

Football cake (without preformed pan) - made from 8 or 9 inch round cakes. Easy and fun to assemble - you make any type of cake in a round pan (don't go too big because the shape will get distorted) - once the cake(s) has cooled, cut it in half. Place the two halves together, standing up (so the cut portion is the only part on the plate) - voila! you have a football! Frost with chocolate icing and embellish with white icing for the laces and "logos". Since most cake recipes are enough for 2 round cakes, make more that one!

Chocolate Stout Cake.

This was a special recipe made for a birthday/oktoberfest tailgate. The cake was a dense dark chocolate and the icing was, basically, more chocolate - it was the richest cake I've ever had - and one of the best. The frosting did not lend itself at all to piping, so I had left it plain. At the game I decided to decorate it with the "S" and footballs.

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