Fan Fare Friday

Shrimps on the Barbie - Recipe "borrowed" from neighboring tailgater Steve. Steve and his crew parked next to Mr. Hoover and always had a lovely spread. One of Steve's signature dishes was "shrimp on the barbie" - not sure that he called them this, but everyone else did - blame Paul Hogan. Anyway - the recipe couldn't be more simple or the resulting product more delicious -

2 lbs (more or less depending on crowd size) raw large (to extra large) shrimp
1 packet Good Seasons Italian Dressing Packet
1/2 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon water
1/4 cup vinegar*

Shell and devein the shrimp and slide 3 - 4 shrimp on skewers (if using bamboo skewers, use 2 skewers for easier "turning" - we now use wooden coffee stirrers for added strength)

prepare dressing with oil, water and vinegar* (see below)

place shrimp skewers and dressing in container to marinade. *if marinade time is going to be more than a half hour, prepare dressing without vinegar and take vinegar with you in a separate container to add 1/2 hour before grilling time.

Heat grill - remove skewers from marinade and place on grill.

These cook very quickly and dripping oil can cause flare ups - so watch them carefully. After about 1-2 minutes per side (most likely less) - they'll be done and your guests (and neighboring tailgaters) will be lining up by the grill for a taste!

**Recycled recipe from, you guessed it, 2thelion.com

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Scrappled said...

Interesting. I prefer the olive oil / old bay / powdered red pepper combo, but I'll try the Eye-talian recipe when I get set up in PA.