Football games - 2007

So, Penn State student tickets sold out in a record 59 minutes (not as good as The Darkness, but good all the same). Of course some people might dwell on the use of Ticketmaster and the increase in price - but what I see is a dedicated group of young people who are serious about their college sports.

Penn State has a few games scheduled this year - some match ups are more intriguing than others - but together they build what will be the Nittany Lions' 2007 season. I'm hopeful that it's a good one. We've had some success recently - but the painful memories of disappointment are quite fresh, so it's a little difficult to get too overly confident about the future.

Some PSU prognosticators are very ambitious in their expectations. Many see the game in Ann Arbor as the Lions' only true test. I think that, given this team, this set of coaches and our recent track record, it's foolish to underestimate any of our opponents.

I really don't think that we should look past the irish, iowa, tosu and especially not wisky. Do I think that Penn State should and can win those games? Of course. I think Penn State should win all of their games - that's just the way I was raised. (of course, during my childhood, a 9-2 season was an embarrassment)

Presently (Per Athlon's pre-season poll), PSU's opponents are ranked as such: 119, 38, 118, 8, 67, 33, 4, 60, 12, 42, 115 and 74. So sure, it's a schedule that is perfect for "making a run" - but I don't know if this is the team that can "do it." And I'm a little embarrassed by our out of conference schedule - granted, there are no penguins this year - but 3 teams ranked in the 100s? that's just not good.

I do admit that the events of this spring, and the distraction they have created, attribute to my lack of full blown homerism - Where are the leaders on this team? Where is the determination and dedication that is going to be necessary for this team to succeed? Penn State teams of the past have been victorious even when the (utilization of) talent on the field was (perceived to be) less than that of their opponents, because the kids had heart, discipline and drive - all they knew how to do was win.

The first game of the season is against the reported worst team in the nation. So yes, I expect Penn State to win, and to win big.

I'm looking forward to a great season.

To the Lion!

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