I'm in a novel(ty) mood

and a little nostalgic too.

I was thinking about (for some unknown reason) an old PSU novelty song. (there is a serious lack of PSU novelty songs these days - as a kid, I can remember there being a new one - almost every year!) It's a wacky little song - and one that I'm sure was an adaptation (or rip off) of some other school/team's song. I remember some story about NASA playing it on the space shuttle - but that memory is vague. Here's what I remember of the lyrics...

See that line a blockin
watch those backs move out
headed for the goal line
and a touchdown there's no doubt

Fast as a mighty jet plane
smooth as a brand new car,
every player with Penn State is a football super star.

They hit the field the hard way
with lots of brains and brass
Fought for every yard they make;
knocked Baylor on their - Ask

anyone who knows football
and I'm sure that they'll agree
that the Nittany Lions of Penn State
is the only team for me (the grammar in this line has always bothered me)

Here's the coach Paterno
our man of the year.
The brains behind the Lions
the ones that they all fear.

You better pay attention and watch that final gun
cause the Nittany Lions of Penn State
they will be number one.

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