Lions think they're dynamite

they're really dynamite!

Don't know where that came from - maybe because there is this new blog (HT The Nittany Line) dedicated to Penn State vs. nd - and nd reminds me of the 1980s - and the above was a cheer (woo woo!) I learned in a cheerleading "class" I took one summer as a child - and yes, everything was about the Lions (be they Nittany or Little).

Anyway - I've been harassing (harassing in the "bothering/smothering" sense - not the "prank phone call to a former assistant coach" sense) them over at Penn State vs notre dame - so shiny and new - "I will hug it and squeeze it and name it George." Check 'em out - and comment - so I don't appear so stalker-like.

Anyone out there able to tell that all I've "eaten" so far today is an extra large coffee and licorice?

Don't mess with dynamite!

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