Penn State's long history of rappers

Yeah - they had that bizarre PSU rapper contest this past spring - but that's really not a new concept at Penn State.

Back in the early (and I mean still wearing crocheted sweatervests, not fedoras and shoulder pads early) 80s there was a PSU (yes, again) novelty song which featured some deft rhymin and all that -

Actually, it wasn't. But it was fun and they used to always play it on football saturdays during the "tailgate party".

Here's what I remember...

Joe came to town to build the team
and it took a lot of _____ to run the dream.
A lot of pride and history
to make Penn State a legacy

He taught his boys about pride and poise
and in their final test
to make the grades and make the ______
and always do there best

***at this time there was an audio clip of "it's a pitch to the outside. He's at the 15, the 10, the 5 - Penn State Touchdown!"***

On the road to number one
Love you Lions. We've just begun.
On the road. We're havin' fun.
Love you Lions. We're number one.

We can move it on the ground
we can put it in the air.
We can rush and kick
so you better beware.

But our _________ is more than just to win;
it's spirit and courage and the pride of men.

Cappalletti and Reid they understood
that Joe wanted them to be more than good.
With Lydell Mitchel and Franco too,
Guman and Barr wore the White and Blue.

So, thank you Joe for all you've done.
Love you Lions. We've just begun.
Thank you Joe. We're havin' fun.
Love you Lions. We're number one.

Ended with a "we want the Lion!" chant, I do believe.

I think that there's a missing verse - but that's what I remember.

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