So I watched that Holiday Bowl

it took a long time. The rebroadcast was 3 hours and some sort of PSU tribute - they had memorable PSU moments at each (most) commercial breaks and most of the game.

I had forgotten how bizarre the 2nd half had been. I knew (approximately) the final score - and I kept saying, out loud, to no one (okay, maybe the cat was listening), "both teams have to score a lot more points".

Yes, I had, until it happened, forgotten Andre Collins' interception during the PAT attempt - run back for 2 points (new rule that year) - of course, when it happened I said (I think the cat was out of the room at the time) "oh, I remember that."

A sentiment which I reiterated when Gary Brown stole the ball right out of Detmer's hands and ran for a touchdown - that was a cool play.

And I had forgotten (completely) Daniels' fantastic bouncing catch. But I couldn't help but think that, in this age of replay that the play would have been called back - I think he was out of bounds when he finally had control - but that doesn't negate the awesome stick-to-itiveness of the play. The announcers (okay, maybe not Dooley so much) went crazy "that was the greatest catch I've seen all year - if not in the decade of the 1980s". Let's all calm down - no need to get all wound up.

The running backs (Thomas and LeRoy "and he held on to the ball" Thompson) were great. The running game (of college football) has changed in the last 18 years - those guys were breaking tackles, cutting left, cutting right - maybe it was the running backs, maybe it was the defenders, maybe it was the offensive line - not sure, but it was different.

Joe's hair was jet black. He was wearing a navy windbreaker and awful blue pants.

Tomorrow they're showing one of the greatest games in PSU history - PSU v nd 1990 at south bend. nd went into the game ranked #1 - afterward - they were not.

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