Did you see Tony?

On the NFL network's 2007 Players Rookie Premiere? Of course, you didn't, because no one gets the NFL network.

But, let me tell you a little about it. It was cute - I tuned in with the hopes of seeing Posluszny, but when they reported that only 2 defensive guys (neither being Paul) were attending, it became a "flip to show" versus a "flip from show" (you dig?)

Anyway, it was a rookie press junket and playing card photoshoot - it was interesting to see the different players posing for their trading card pix - Upper Deck definitely has a more interesting approach - with action shots, versus the "yearbook" style many others employ.

I didn't see Levi - he may have been on while I was "away" - but I did see a clip of Tony Hunt (looking good in dark green) talking about how he loves animals and has a lot of pets (okay, it was a little weird and Tony looks a little odd without a white helmet - but as I'm a crazy homer - I'll say it was sweet).

When they spoke with Ted Ginn, Jr and Troy Smith I had to flip the channel - I just couldn't stomach those guys.

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