What will this year be like...

...I wonder.

Many of the fine PSU blogs listed on the right have wonderful write-ups on the different aspects of the 2007 PSU team and their opponents,

I don't make any predictions due to an ancient and ingrained fear of the jinx -


I expect PSU to be competitive in every game they play this season - I still have (horrible) memories of the 2000 season when the kids were just "ho - hum" hanging their heads on the sideline and slouching their shoulders - there was no spark - no urgency. In 2001 - (they were robbed of a winning season) - it really was "but for a few plays" - and there was some excitement back in the team - the years that must not be named were brutal (seriously, you want to discuss dropped passes?)- but, again, there were glimmers of hope - 2005 was, as you know, off the charts awesome -

Unfortunately, last season there, again, seemed to be a sluggishness on the team - a sort of going through the motions - there were some great moments (like Deon breaking the receiving record and the defensive effort against tenn) but I just didn't see the sustained intensity that was so apparent with the '05 team.

There have been many distractions this year - most of them having nothing to do with athletics - and the consequences are yet to be fully realized. We know that the team can rally to the aid of one - here's hoping that they can show as much solidarity and commitment at game time.

PSU is searching for leaders on their team - players who love the game and motivate their teammates off and on the field. These kids know "it" can happen (most were around in '05) but they have to figure out how to make it happen.

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