Tuesday Tailgate Talk

Sorry it's been all tailgate lately - it's been a bit busy around here - check out the Football Faithful links to the right - there are lots of previews and speculations about.

So, we're in the thick of planning our tailgate themes and menus. So far we're planning grilled fish for florida international - We're currently working on new recipes for hummus and white bean salad - yum!

The notre dame game tailgate poses a bit of a challenge - the event in and of itself is going to be huge. Kickoff is scheduled for 6pm which (assuming that the parking lots open at 8am) means 10 hours of pre-game tailgating time. So we have to plan for a menu that evolves from breakfast to lunch to dinner. We have to make sure that we have enough provisions to last the day and we have to be flexible - we are not (currently) planning for a huge crowd - but with everyone and his brother Mike planning to come in for the game - we need to be prepared.

Now we don't particularly like the irish of notre dame (in fact some of us hold up the irish as his/her most disliked team in all of sports) - so we've been toying around with some different tailgate themes.

I think we may go with James Bond - he English - he's suave - he drinks martinis -

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