Blue White Roundtable - the bootleg edition

Thanks to RUTS for leaving the back of the truck open - just sitting there - with no one watching...

Our long national nightmare is over — football season has returned! The Nittany Lions take on the Golden Panthers of Florida International University this Saturday. FIU was 0-12 last season, with losses to such powerhouse programs as Middle Tennessee State, Arkansas State, and Florida Atlantic. There’s no question that Penn State will win, but what are you hoping to see PSU accomplish against FIU? Aside from not getting injured, what can the Nittany Lions do that will make you say, “Okay, that’s something we can build on for next week against Notre Dame”?

Hey! We play Arkansas State next year - they're a powerhouse! The best thing PSU can do is not get hurt. This is definitely a "looking to next week" game, which can be dangerous, but I have faith that the kids are going to be focused enough to play smart. What would be great would be some playing time for all of the starters and backups - I'd like to see the offense sustain some long drives and SCORE touchdowns.

Not every Big Ten team has a functional bye week. Take a look at this week’s schedule. Who is most likely to suffer an upset?

upset or difficult matchup? I'd say that Illinois has the toughest game of the week. Missouri has become the darling of the Big 12 North not dissimilar to the affection that the pundits have been giving the Illini; however, if Illinois loses that game I don't see it as an upset. As far as "upsets" - if Washington State comes out playing perfect football, they have the ability to challenge wisky - but I don't think it's going to happen - would I cry if it did? no.

How are you affected by the squabbles between the Big Ten Network and Comcast? Who is The Bad Guy in this battle? If you’re stuck in a situation where you won’t be at the game and can’t get the broadcast at your house, what are your plans for Saturday at noon?

I really think that both sides are being the "bad guy" - it's just that Comcast is the big bad guy and the BTN is the annoying little whiny bad guy. Presently, I'll be in the stadium for the scheduled BTN games - so that's good. Otherwise, we have Direct TV - the games showed up on the channel guide yesterday.

Lightning Round

If things go as planned, everyone on the PSU could see significant playing time on Saturday. Who will be the leading rusher, receiver, and passer for Penn State?
Passer - Morelli; rusher - Scott; receiver - throw the ball to Butler (actually, I'd like to see DW get some catches under his belt).

Predict the score of the PSU vs. FIU game. I'm rubbish at this. PSU 48 fiu 3

What non-PSU game are you most looking forward to this weekend? The aforementioned B10 games are interesting - If I get home in time I'll watch some of the tenn/cal game - and on monday I'll probably watch clemson/fsu

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Unknown said...

I agree with your assessment of Comcast vs BTN ... they both suck. My wife hasn't felt the same about Comcast since they moved EWTN (the Catholic Network) to digital cable on 6-6-06.