Fan Fare Friday

I posted our Psycho Joe recipe over at EDSBS the other day - so I thought I'd post it here along with some other "hot" drinks - cause there's nothing like 90 degree weather with high humidity to get you in the mood for some warm steamy drinks...

Psycho Joe

3/4 oz kahlua
3/4 oz Peppermint schnapps
coffee (brewed or instant)

1. Put all ingredients in mixing glass
2. Shake (careful, it's hot)
3. Pour into coffee mug
4. Add sugar and cream if necessary

We added whipped cream to the recipe and "screaming" to the name

Jon's Mochachino

1 packet instant cocoa
1 heaping tsp. instant coffee
hot water
1 oz butterscotch schnapps
whipped cream

1. Put cocoa and instant coffee in heat resistant cup
2. Add hot water, while stirring
3. Add butterscotch schnapps

Top with whipped cream

Variations: raspberry, mint, vanilla liquor

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