I need a theme, yeah.

and it's gotta be fun, and it's gotta be cool, and it's gotta be something just right...

So, we need a theme for the the ohio state university tailgate. So far we're planning: Mediterranean (fiu); English (nd); Pro Lions (ie, culinary classics hailing from the different towns in which PSUers play pro ball- buffalo); Oktoberfest (iowa); Fiesta (wisky); French (purdon't); and Italian (Temple in Philly).

It's a late game - for which we, generally, try to pick a theme that lends itself to all day fare - breakfast, lunch, dinner and lots of snacks - also, the game is in late October - it could be very cold - or not - and the tailgate crowd will be quite large (50-100+) - so we need a subject that is versatile.

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