Just Lion Around...

Recently (I believe it was a Blue White Roundtable) someone posted that their pet peeve about tailgaters is the collections of stuffed animals. Really? That's worse than people stealing every last thing (every last ice cube) out of your cooler; or the evil parking attendants. or, people who encroach into your space and then promptly put up tarps and blast crazy music; or, neighboring tailgaters who throw eggs at you (okay, I really like that)?

I have a lion/football inspired collection - and I love it. Sure, most of the "lions" are not mountain lions, and yes, our mascot is not a bear holding a football - but, really, who are we to judge? If a little inanimate bear chooses to be a football fan, and, once his red/green ribbons have been permanently sheared away, a Penn State fan - then what's the harm. Not everyone can be a Nittany Lion, but that doesn't mean that they don't want to join in the fun.

My father and I had a tradition that every Easter I would get an "easter animal" (as it was rarely a bunny). He and I would go out shopping and I was allowed to pick out my present. I remember in particular that one year we went to every toy/gift store downtown and nothing was suitable - until we went out to the nittany mall and I picked out a Nittany Lion puppet - he was so cute (still is).

It may be silly or girly or whatever - but I don't care - they make me smile.


Anonymous said...

the evil parking attendants

Hey, when I was in high school & college, I worked as a parking lot attendant. Are you saying I was evil?
(Sorry about the delayed response but I just got back from vacation & I'm getting caught up on blog reading.)

PSUgirl said...

Hey! I tailgate with parking attendants! off duty, of course.

But the folks in lot 13 (especially the far side of the lot) are meanies! I realize that they are just following the "rules" of the university - but the university is wrong and there is no one else to blame on a chilly Saturday morning!