Less than 12 hours until the season starts!

I wonder if Reese Davis is sleepy yet?

So, I come home from work yesterday, and I settle in to watch the DVRed "College Football Live" episode from that afternoon - I notice that the little "record" light is on the machine - I curse a but because I have it programed to record only "new" episodes, and I assume that the machine is recording a re-run of the afternoon show.

Annoyed, I fast forwarded through most of the afternoon episode (which is what I usually do - there's a point at which I've just heard enough about usc, nd, cal, wisconsin, etc.) - I was going to just delete the second recording, but then I thought, eh, I'll just make sure - and, yes, it was different - I soon realized that it was the opening of ESPN's 25 hours of college football coverage, leading up to the LSU/Miss State kick off (I quickly checked the channel guide - they break a bunch of times for sportscenter and their NFL show). 25 hours of college coverage???? But, but, I need to pack for the weekend, and, I have to go to work tomorrow (do I? yeah. crap.), and, I have to sleep (do I? nah. yeah. crap.)

So I let the machine continue recording - they'd have to say something about PSU during 25 hours of coverage, right?

Well, I watched 4 hours of the show (switching between that and the College Football marathon on ESPN Classics - 1982 Cal/Standford and 2003 Fiesta Bowl) - and yes, they did, finally, review the Big Ten - with really no mention of Penn State, until they asked Herbie about michigan...

So Kirk Herbstreit continued his touting of the PSU squad - he said that the other teams are good, but that PSU is the team to beat. While this makes me incredibly nervous, it also causes me to say things like "I love you" out loud, to the tv. And, I really think that any jinxlike karma that might be floating around in the atmosphere, is seriously negated when Reese "yes I frost my hair" Davis closes the segment by saying "...as michigan, ohio state, wisconsin, and (chuckle), maybe, Penn State, battle for the Big Ten title." Jacknut. Of course my cynical side suggests that Herbie's comments are only a means to "remind" teams to be ready to play PSU. Oh well.

And, the little "intro" that they showed every hour or so featured a lot PSU footage - so I spend about 10 minutes doing the "is that Penn State?" Stop. Rewind. (another one of the indispensable things about the DVR) - Yea! it is! They showed the outside of the stadium (and a rather tame version of Paternoville), the players going through the tunnel, the kickoff, and they ended with a shot of the East stands. I'll get my PSU fix any way I can.

So I can't wait until lunch time so I can dash home and watch some more PSU snubbing. It's football time.

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Anonymous said...

If Rece Davis thinks he had a rough time with ESPN's college football countdown then we need to get him to participate in THON.