No Negative Energy - but...

Got a mildly disturbing email from the NLC - regarding parking lots - So I called the NLC - no information - so I called the ticket office and they said that they're trying to crack down on excessive drinking - but tailgating is fine - but canopies, not so much. But, that's the rule anyway - no canopies in the parking lots (general and preferred) - I guess we'll just have to see how it pans out.

This is the part that I hate - just let me tailgate people - just let me tailgate.


Brian said...

hey what do you mean about no canopies? whats that about?!


PSUgirl said...

check your parking handbook - technically they aren't allowed in the "parking lots" - but we all use them.

And there weren't any problems on Saturday - this upcoming week may be something totally different.