As I'm sure you noticed...

...Todd Blackledge called the color on the fsu Clemson game Monday night. I only yelled at the tv (as a result of something he said), maybe, 5 times - which is a low number, because I get very agitated by him.

ANYWAY - Toddledge, apparently, is going to go all "Food TV" this season and check out a different "local dining establishment" in each of the college towns he visits. Next on his list? State College, PA (not surprising, the 82 team has their TWENTY FIFTH anniversary this weekend, and, luckily, ESPN is covering the game).

ANYWAY - it should be interesting to see where he goes. I don't remember any talk about what his favorite places were (I do, however, remember what church he went to).

You should stop by our tailgate Todd (we'll be in lot 19 this week, btw) - we're featuring English inspired fare (because, really, who hates the irish more than they do?) - Stilton meatballs, mini beef pies, beer bread keilbasa bites, toffee pie, butterscotch cookies, trifle, roast beef pinwheels with horseradish sauce - and much, much more.

If anyone else is interested in stopping by - check out the details at the Diesel Tailgate website or shoot us an email.


intopsu said...

So, did you ever hear which local dining establishment he chose?

PSUgirl said...

yes. He went to the Diner. And he ate, not surprisingly, grilled stickies.