Joe's Press Conference

Goto GoPSUsports.com for the transcript.

Joe seemed to be in a pretty good mood.


(1) He doesn't know what to expect going into the nd game because the irish are better than they played on Saturday and Florida International wasn't able to "test" us.

(2) He did his basic training down in Fort Bragg, NC - so he knows some girls down there who might have daughters, or granddaughters who go to Appalachian State (seriously Joe, it's probably great-granddaughters).

(3) michigan's loss on Saturday is the biggest upset since the devil was banished to the Pit(t).

(4) The transcriber of the press conference either made a mistake or the PSU press corps need some vocab lessons.

(5) Joe likes night games and he astutely noticed that Saturday was the best 12pm student crowd he'd ever seen.

(6) Quarless will not play on Saturday and Joe will not give him a hug.

Andrew will not see this Joe for a while.

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