So, where are you watching the game?

Making the road trip to Ann Arbor (or as some have renamed it, Lindsay Lohan)?

Heading out to a local beer joint (Mother says that this is a "nicer" term than "bar") to watch along with fellow Penn Staters?

Hosting a Detentesque gathering with fans from both teams?

Camping outside Beaver Stadium with portable XM radio and fence cutters?

or, will you be isolated in your football lair, clutching your favorite football teddy bear, rocking to and fro, capped in tin foil, periodically shouting out "hit him!" "2 seconds!" "Appalachian F#$*ing State!" and "run. forward!"?

\cut to PSUgirl in the basement wrapped in a bankie, hugging Little Bear and Roary, repeating "it's 1996. it's 1996."\

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WFY said...

I'm actually going to Harrisburg for a viewing party, even though the game is on D.C. TV for a change.