So, yeah, um...

Penn State didn't play very well on Saturday. There are a bunch of reasons why PSU lost a very winnable game - it's not that just one would have guaranteed a victory, but, again, it was a very winnable game - The Lions just weren't the team to do it.

It's sad - but I'll rationalize that it was the atmosphere, the "curse", it's still early in the season, I wasn't wearing what appears to be my lucky tank top - and that maybe, just maybe, this team can get better - the players have the raw talent to be pretty good - and with some decent coaching and some heart, they could be very good.

So I have this idea in my head that they will improve - and this helps me get out of bed this morning, but as I leave the house, I'm saddled with the realization that even if PSU can miraculously turn things around, this really doesn't look to be the season for a "Cinderella" - there are just too many teams out there that are poised to be undefeated at the end of the season - a one loss team (albeit an early loss) with a nonexistent strength of schedule will not be poised to make any kind of "noise" for the rest of the season.

And then I think - it would be different if there were a playoff.

And then I think - the regular season wouldn't be ruined by a playoff system - it would be saved by it - teams that lose early or stinkily, could still think - well - there's still a chance we'll get into the playoffs - so we've gotta win every game going forward! Cause we might not end up number 2 but maybe we'll be number 8 (or 16 - yes, I realize that I'm really dreaming now - but hey - I don't care).

And then I think - everyone who is opposed to the playoff system is just full of lies - they're either lying to themselves or they're being fed lies as part of a much larger conspiracy (as a Penn Stater, I'm much more likely to believe the latter).

But then, as I'm walking to work, I sigh. There is no playoff - and PSU looked pretty smelly on Saturday - so let's take this one game at a time. Let's get bowl eligible first.

and after all - there is still a lot of tailgating to be tailgated.

and bobby.

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