Dear fans of football, fun, and food...

It's our final home tailgate of the season!

So we're dusting off some favorite tailgating recipes that we really enjoy and we're putting together a French themed tailgate! We'll be serving Onion Soup, Beef in Red Wine Sauce (our recipe from the Homecoming Cookbook!), gougeres, an assortment of cheeses and desserts and anything else that we find ourselves inspired to create.

Oh, and there is a football game - the Lions face the black and old gold garbed boilermakers of Purdue.

Kickoff is at 12 noon - so the parking lots will open at 7am. We'll be there when they open the gates and we're planning on parking in Lot 13 (UNLESS WE SEND AN UPDATE EMAIL LATER THIS WEEK) -

Give us a call on game day for specific directions.

Currently Accuweather says that it'll be cold(er) - but clear - sounds perfect.

As always, all are welcome - we hope to see you there.

To the Lion!

PSU / temple tailgate updates

Kick off is at 12 noon - and the game will be televised on ESPNU (but then you already knew that, right?)

Standing room only tickets are available on Ticketmaster ($35.00)

Tailgate parking is around the Wachovia Center - and, unofficially, parking lots open at 9am (what!?!?!?). We'll have more information about this as it becomes available.

Currently, the weather forecast is not good - cold and rainy. Yesterday the forecast was warm and rainy - so hopefully it will improve a little.


Kick off for PSU - Temple announced

Game time is 12pm - in Philadelphia, PA. The game will be broadcast on ESPNU. Good thing I'm going to this game, because I don't get that channel at home!

Little Things mean a lot.

We tailgate with extremely talented and creative people - who help make ours the best darn non-award winning tailgate there is. This weekend, to help celebrate the season, they wowed us with their pumpkin carving skills.

We brought the carved Lion home to Mother for her Halloween decoration. She was astounded. She picked it right up and carried it into the house, and proceeded to find a candle and set it aglow (a little back story - Mother doesn't like lit candles and really doesn't like jack-o-lanterns) - She just kept saying how beautiful and great (as it is) it was.

So I pulled out the camera and showed her a picture of their other creation - something that I will never forget ever.

When we left the house to make the trip back to Philadelphia, Mother was singing "Hail to the Lion" (or something very close to it) to the pumpkin.

What can I say.

PSU got beat.

After the michigan game I said "we coulda won that one". After the Illinois game I said "we shoulda won that one". After this game... there's no "oulda". Unless maybe - Penn State woulda won that game if tosu hadn't shown up.

The game was quite uncharacteristic. - Historically, PSU's weakest defensive stand (ignoring, if you will the soft prevent of the 2nd half) is their first. Even under Jerry Sandusky, the first defensive series was a learning tool - let them get a few yards, maybe even a field goal - but that will be it. So after tosu scored a fifty yard field goal - I thought, well, that'll be it. Conversely, this season, the 2nd and 3rd quarters have been owned by the PSU offense (when they've preformed well), so when the PSU offense marched down the field for their first possession and scored a rushing td - I was surprised, happy, but surprised.

If only we could have stopped the game right then. If only. Because that would be the Lions' defense's best "stop" of the evening and the offense's only touchdown drive.

The defense was dismal. They just were. The whole team looked a little "off" - I don't know if it was tiredness, confusion, submission or what - it just wasn't their day. In the beginning of the game the defensive line was waving their hands in the air urging the crowd to yell (which by the way, despite the numbers wasn't as loud, imho, as past outings) but, early in the second quarter, they had their hands on the their hips, like they were exhausted. Our team and coaches had no answers (or completely misread the question) for the bucknuts. It really exposed, I think, what I've been saying for years, Tom Bradley is a good motivator and recruiter but he isn't a great coordinator - his defenses just aren't that sophisticated, and, apparently they aren't adaptive either.

After the game we were speculating that the tosu punter perhaps missed the bus to the airport because THE buckeyes NEVER PUNTED - never.

All things considered, the PSU offense played pretty well - up until the end they were (costly) mistake free and I only heard the name/condition "Laurenitis" once over the PA. The running backs were getting through the line and, for the most part, the receivers were catching the ball. But they couldn't keep up with the score - and, granted, they were on the field for 15 minutes less than the ohio offense. From what I saw (yes, I left with 7 minutes or so left on the clock) AM threw the ball toward Butler once the whole game.

I don't think that tosu is invincible - but they played a pretty solid game on Saturday. Considering the troubles that they had on offense in the beginning of the season (turnovers, lack of scoring) - they certainly righted the ship for their game against our Lions.

The students looked great with their white out - and I was impressed by how full the stands were a whole hour before the game. Unlike the rest of the stadium - they seemed to stay pretty focused and enthusiastic throughout the night.

Things were just "off" for this game - on the field and in the stands - I'm not saying that PSU could, should or would have won this game in any regard - but something wasn't right.

The tailgate, on the other hand, was everything right and good and great. More on that later.

I am misquoted; therefore I am

Yes, I know that it's been up on the internet for nearly 2 months, but I just read through the posted roast beef sandwich recipe on SI's Tailgate Nation - they really butchered it. When I first read it I was thinking that there had been some editing - but today I was copying it for someone who asked for a copy - and, as I read through I thought - This is so not what I submitted -

Having a history of being misquoted/victim of editing - I'm not too upset (although it makes me look a little stupid) - but, for my own ego - I'm posting the actual submission here - (It just makes so much more sense).

Roast Beef Sandwiches. The origins of our 2theLion Tailgate harken back to ancient times, before Joe Paterno was head coach at Penn State. We learned how to tailgate from the best and we continue the tradition of great food, friends and football today. For as long as I can remember we’ve always had at least one tailgate a season that features roast beef sandwiches; so here’s our recipe...

Roast Beef:

5 lbs. Top Round Beef (London Broil)
Olive Oil
Coarse Salt and Cracked Pepper

Coat beef with oil, salt and pepper.

Oven prep:
Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees F.
Place beef in roasting pan on a rack
Put beef in pre-heated oven - immediately reduce temperature to 400 degrees F.
Roast for 35 minutes.
Remove beef from oven - set aside to rest/cool.
Immediately add 1 cup of red wine to hot roasting pan (deglaze) - and add to (or set aside for) sauce.

Grilling (at the game or ahead of time):
On a hot grill, place meat over direct heat. Cook 10 minutes on each side.

Let meat rest at least 10 minutes before slicing.

Once beef has rested (or, if made ahead, once you’re at the tailgate!), slice thinly and add to sauce.

Serve on crusty kaiser rolls with horseradish sauce, sharp cheddar cheese, mustard, grilled onions, etc.


2 large (4 medium) onions, sliced
4 T butter
4 T olive oil
2 Senorita (or 1 jalapeno) peppers, sliced - or 1/2 t crushed red pepper flake
1 sweet pepper, sliced
6 cloves of garlic, sliced
2 springs fresh rosemary
2 bay leaf
1 cup red wine
2 T balsamic vinegar
2 T (Minor’s) beef base plus 2 quarts of water (8 cups of stock) or 6 packets of Knorr Au Jus mix, following package directions.
Salt and Pepper to taste

Over medium heat, sauté onions in butter and oil until translucent. Add pepper and garlic. Continue to sauté until soft. If desired, set aside 1/2 to 3/4th of onion/pepper mixture to use as topping on sandwiches.
Add rosemary and bay leaf.
Add red wine (with or without roasting juices)
Add vinegar and stock.
Allow to simmer for 20 - 30 minutes - season with salt and pepper to taste.
Strain sauce and refrigerate overnight. Before heading to the game - skim off any oil/fat.

Reheat at the game with sliced beef.

Horseradish sauce
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 T prepared horseradish
2 t dried mustard
salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients and refrigerate overnight. This recipe makes about 1 1/2 cup sauce, so you may want to divide it into 2 serving containers - serving one before the game and keeping one in the cooler for post-game tailgating.

PENN STATE - purdue game time

Kick off will be at 12:00pm and the game will be televised on ESPN.

As always, check out GoPSUsports.com for more details.


Fan Fare Friday

Heading up to State College in a few hours (around 3) - we've made some really fun dishes for this weekend's tailgate - Suz made some amazing Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel bars (genius) and I stayed up last night to fry up the cutlets for the mini Chicken Parms.

Since we're featuring a diner theme - I thought it would be fun to have a soda related "dish" - so I made spiked cherry coke jello.


Spiked Cherry Coke jello -

1 small package of cherry jello
1 can of cola
1/2 cup vodka
1/2 cup blue curacao
a few drops of blue food coloring (if you're crazy as I clearly am).

1. Pour a little over 8oz (1 cup) of soda into a small sauce pan - heat on medium high heat until boiling - remove from heat.
2. In a medium sized bowl, combine jello packet and 1 cup hot soda - stir for about 2 minutes (until fully dissolved).
3. Mix in vodka and blue curacao
4. Add food coloring (this makes the final product a really dark "cola like" brown)
5. Pour into small cups or jello mould
6. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours

It's really tasty. I'll admit that I added the blue liquor and food coloring because the Lions are playing a red team this week - but the end result was very yummy (I took a small taste).



Oh Bother...

Accuweather has changed their forecast for Saturday a bit - and not for the better. While the overall temperature has gone up (now high of 65 and low of 51) - they're calling for rain "some heavy" Friday night - during the day on Saturday it's to be cloudy with the "chance of a little rain" (can you tell that Accuweather is based in State College?) - and the forecast for Saturday night? one word: Rain.

So, dust off the raingear and find your rain boots - it's gonna be muddy.

ESPN Gameday is going (to be at the game) to think that it's never sunny in Happy Valley.

Fight Fight Fight - the Cherry and the White

We'll be posting more details later but I wanted to post a "save the date" reminder for November 10th!

Friends, Football, Food and Philadelphia - it can't get much better!

The Penn State Nittany Lions and the Temple Owls do battle on November 10th at Lincoln Financial Field and we'll be tailgating all day!

Tickets for the game are available through ticketmaster.com and other ticket outlets such as ebay.com - but even if you don't go into the game - be sure to stop by the tailgate -

As an homage to the City of Brotherly Love we'll be serving up a spread of Italian foods featuring sausage scallopini, hot pork sandwiches, meats, cheeses, desserts and much more.

We'll send around an email(s) with more details regarding times, places, directions, etc as the information becomes available.

In the meantime, be sure to pass on the information to any Lions or Owls that may be coming to the game!


Fight Fight Fight for the Cherry and the White!


Big BIG Night

(reprint of Tailgating email)

Greetings fellow fans of football,

Penn State faces the ohio state buckeyes on October 27th at 8:00pm. The game will be televised on ABC. The Lions are coming off some solid wins, but they've suffered some serious injuries in the process - and i think that ohio is pretty well ranked - somewhere in the top 25...

We'll be tailgating in the RV lots (Lot 19) - the big rig drivers are planning on rolling in Thursday at noon - and the fun will start early - but for those of us chumps cruising in on with our banal dual axle vehicles, the parking lots don't open until 8:00am on Saturday - so that's when the official tailgate begins.

Our theme to Blast the buckeyes is "Retro 50s Diner" - expect a ton of yummy treats ranging from mini meatloaf and hot turkey sandwiches to burgers, deep fried anything that will stand still and not scream too loudly, and of course - buckeye ball bars.

All are welcome - Rob, the Tailgating coordinator has sent around an evite to get a rough idea of the crowd size - if you received the email - be sure to RSVP - if you didn't, email us and we'll add you to the count! (one, one happy tailgater. ha ha ha ha. two, two...) - you can check out the details and sign up on the equipment list on the Diesel website.

Accuweather is currently forecasting - mostly cloudy with a "bit" of rain, with a high of 61 and a low of 45. Since we'll be out there all day - it's a good idea to bring a change of clothes and definitely wear layers - it's going to get chilly at night. Not sure if it's "rain gear" weather - but it's not a bad idea to bring it along as they are calling for an evening shower.

Hope to see you there!

Going home right now to roast the turkey which has been hanging out in a tub of brine all day. YUM!



Shoe? I don't need no stinkin' shoe.

Maurice Evans has won the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week honor. Not that it's any surprise - Evans tore up the Indiana offense on Saturday amassing 6 total tackles - not so impressive? Well of those 6 tackles, 4.5 were for a loss, 3.5 were sacks and 2 forced fumbles! He ran back one fumble 55 yards (his right cleat only traveled 40 of those yards).

For the season, Maurice has 18.5 TFL (totaling MINUS 106 yards) with 10.5 sacks!

White Out - students only

So the powers that be have declared a Student White Out for the tosu game - I thought that we weren't allowed to use the term "white out" any longer (so far, just through this post alone, I owe the phoenix ice hockey team somewhere around $800).

Anyway - there's a Rally in the Valley planned for Friday night - get all the details from GoPSUsports.com.


Homcoming re-cap

Per the tailgating coordinator...

"Bring a towel, scare a badger"


The morning was a little rough. On our way down to Café 210, we stopped by the HUB to pick up some homecoming flair. This year, they were also selling Penn State Tailgate cook books. I jokingly ask if Mad and Suz had a recipe in it. They do! As we were dressed in Steelers Jersey's, they also let us know that Franco Harris (The homecoming marshal) would be at the Alumni center at 1300 hrs.

We got down to the Café for a few quick Teas before it was time to head up to the Alumni Center. Matt, Kevin, Jessi, Nick and I got our picture taken with Franco. We also got some free ice cream before headed back down to Café.

We were surprised by a truckload of cheerleaders. They were cruising up College Ave tossing out white towels (AKA shop towels) for the game tomorrow. While down pitchers of Lager, we ran into Dale Jr. He's getting married to "that's how I roll" girl in February.

We were joined by Shelley and Nick. Around 6, we headed down College Ave to get into our parade viewing spot. We stopped into V&S Sandwiches for some cheese steaks and pierogies. We also jumped back into the Darkhorse for another quick drink before headed down to the corner of college and Shortlidge to watch the parade with Rich, Janelle, and Jaime.

There were many good floats. My favorite was the wedding crashers float. The Penn State Cycling club also had an octocycle out that. It was crazy and always looked like it was going to crash out of control.

After the Blue band closed out the parade, we headed to Saloon for some Monkey Boys. Steve and Todd were playing. We were joined by more of the booze clowns and Bill and friends.

The Saloon was totally infested with Badger fans; Chris almost head-butted one of them. I was "helping" them by suggesting that they try a Monkey Boy or two.

Later, Matt and Kevin headed up to Leslie's apartment for a party; I am sure they did not really need anymore alcohol, but you know how it goes. The rest of us called it a night.


Our morning started at the Nittany Lion Inn. Carter was the first to arrive, followed shortly by Jessi and Matt. Mad and Suz then rolled in. Chris finished up the convoy and we headed over to the stadium under a cloudless blue sky.

Mad and Suz entered us in the 2007 Alumni Tailgating Competition. This tailgate was extra special.

The set-up began. Chris cooked Bacon, sausage, eggs and quesadilla wraps for breakfast. Larry brought 2 rings of ring baloney and cheese combo. It was excellent.

The food tables were organized to properly display our assortment of tailgating goodies. There were 2 tables of food and 1 table of drinks and desserts. Jessi helped to put up the decorations, including a blind referee piñata.

The first table was set up for the Nacho bar. You could make your own nachos with a choice of many toppings and cheeses. Chris also made Chili. What wasn't immediately shoved into people's hands went here to add to the nacho goodness. There was also a bowl of show limes.

The second table was for football field taco dip, lemon shrimp (editor's note - it was shrimp escabesche - and actually had no citrus in it), baked chicken roll ups (Jerk Chicken pinwheels), burnt kielbasa and meatballs with cheese dip (not cheese - secret chimichurra burger sauce recipe - or not so secret if you read Gourmet magazine). At various time, we also had deep fried turkey, zucchini sticks, corn dogs, butterfly shrimp, breaded raviolis, freedom toast sticks and freedom fries. Rich and Janelle also brought jell-o shots.

The final table housed the stadium cake, lime macaroons, nut bars, badger droppings, cocoa crispy treats, brownies and (chocolate covered) pretzels, a pitcher of whisky sours and the liquor pump; which consisted of the great Captain Morgan himself. The lime macaroons were my favorite.

Since I was nervous about not getting a group photo this time, we took the first one at 1130 around the dessert table.

Carter did an excellent job with the music. There was a good combination of Rock, Country, Penn State music and even a little bit of jazz. It was a huge hit. People were dancing along. Carter also set up his extreme polish horseshoes uphill of the canopies.

The tailgating judges were supposed to show up between 1200 and 1330. Suz and Carter even set up a signal to queue the Penn State music. Suz would do the safety signal (show picture) when the judges arrived.

Nick put on the Nittany Lion suit from Chad. Amanda had on a Nittany Lion tail. Both of them were whipping people with their tails. Nick got interviewed by the big ten network while waiting in line for the port-o-johns.

As it got closer to game time, the majority of our tailgaters showed up. We took group photo #2 with a lot more tailgaters.

Penn State Wisconsin

38 7

People were nervous about the game. Coming into Beaver Stadium, the Badgers were ranked 19 in the AP polls. This was our first meeting with a ranked opponent this season. (Meat chicken and Illinois were unranked when we played them). This year's homecoming contest posted the 6th largest crowd.

The lions quickly took a bite out of the Badgers by capitalizing on a Badger fumble on the 1st play of the game. 3 plays later, Penn State lead by 7.

On Penn States next drive, Kevin Kelly nailed a 30 yard field goal to make it 10 - 0.

Wisconsin answered back with a 77 yard touchdown drive to make it 10 - 7. Penn State was able to drive in 2 more touchdowns before half time.

The Lion returned explosively in the second half on both offense and defense. Morelli lead the first drive of the second half for 74 yards. Golden made a 19 yard completion. Kinlaw made big runs of 19 and 10 yard runs and capped the set with a 2 yard TD run.

Junior quarterback Daryll Clark entered the game in the 4th quarter for the final scoring drive.

It was a very good day for the Lions. Morelli went 16 of 28 and threw no interceptions. Butler led the wideouts with seven receptions for 93 yards and a touchdown.

After the ringing victory bell, the combined Blue Band and Alumni Blue Bands took the field for a recap of the half time show. Official Stats
Total hours: 16.5
Guests: 60
Donations: $186
Trucks: 3
Celebrity Photos ops: 1
Truckloads of cheerleaders: 1
# of bomber jackets: 2
"judges" that don't know their @ss
from a hole in the ground: 2
People with lion tails: 2
Big Ten network interviews: 1
People seen riding 1 bike
at the same time: 8

During the game, the tailgaters finished the liquor pump and refilled it. The temperature dropped off quite a bit. After the game, many tailgaters enjoyed sitting around the fireplace.

After the game, Nick (and Amanda) fired up some Mexicali burgers with fresh guacamole on the grill.

We had people from many people at this tailgate, in addition to team CT. Kim flew in Colorado. Florida Chad has now moved to Maryland. Kirsten also drove up from Maryland. Steve and Tiffany came in from Atlanta. Jason and Jessi came up from Virginia. As always, we had plenty of folks from all over Pennsylvania.

After 16.5 hours of tailgating, we finally packed up around 2330 and called it a night.


Sunday morning was a cool but clear day to packing up and reorganizing for the ride home. We made went downtown for some last minute flair shopping, had lunch at baby's before taking a Victory Lap through town.

For the Glory,
Tailgating Coordinator


Joe's Press Conference

The tone of the press conference seemed a little more amiable than some past weeks - and it was almost entirely about football related issues. Also, it's good to note that Joe calls Tom Bradley "Tommy".

Check out the transcript on GoPSUsports.com.

Blue White Roundtable - yes I know I'm crashing...

Back to my pirate-ways -

RUTS penned (character stroked - sounds dirty) the questions this week

1. Two consecutive games, two dominating performances by the Nittany Lion running game. Why the drastic change in production?

The elimination of Austin Scott and his bad karma. I am so very disappointed for Austin, but I am very glad that he is out of the locker room.

2. Since the departure of Tom Osborne before the 1998, Nebraska quickly fired Frank Solich, hired a bad NFL coach, and on Monday fired its Athletic Director. Is there any way to avoid this sort of fiasco when Joe Paterno eventually retires?

I have no idea. What exactly is PSU like without Joe Paterno? What is the patience level of PSU boosters when they don't have a living legend on staff? And if we get some guy who does a fantastic job - what's going to keep him at PSU? Nobody stays put these days - Joe is an alien martian zombie compared to the rest of the college coaching world - which makes him unique.

3. Terrelle Pryor is on the verge of crossing Penn State off his list, if he hasn’t already. Does Penn State absolutely have to sign a quarterback in this class, or can we afford to wait until next season?

I don't think that Pryor is interested in PSU - he's a tall talented kid - but PSU really isn't a good fit (or so it would seem) - Besides, I thought that we were desperate for an RB this year.

Lightning Round
Describe a scenario in which Penn State ties for the conference title. Obviously, Penn State has to beat Ohio State. What other dominoes need to fall?

Britney needs to get the kids back.

Will Penn State have its typical lazy start in a noon road game?

Here's hoping that they don't - but they've had slow starts in all (even at home) of the "early" starts.

Score prediction?

I don't do predictions - just thinking good thoughts for our Lions.


Just a few more pix

some football


Look. There's a football down here.

Rodney Kinlaw!

hey. Do these pants make my butt look big?

"The Cake. Oh, the Cake."

"the people are especially delicious..."
So, we didn't win the tailgating competition - but we did get a lot of wonderful complements and we had a great time.

The centerpiece of the celebration was, not surprisingly, the cake - which featured a stadium wide whiteout complete with a reverse S block - and sassy scoreboards.
It turned out to be a lovely day - and I'm so proud of and thankful for all of our fellow tailgaters - especially for putting up with my blue/white dress/equipment code. We had a crowd of over 60 - to enjoy the "make your own nachos" bar and other Fiesta inspired treats!

We had so many great contributions to the spread - taco dip(s), chili, guacamole topped burgers, chocolate/peanut butter truffles, corn salsa - and some delicious new recipes - "put the lime in the coconut" macaroons, jerk chicken (austin scott?)pinwheels, salvadoran slaw, homemade tortilla bowls, and so on...

In other tailgating news - we have a recipe featured in the Penn State Alumni Cookbook - if you picked up a copy last week - check out page 62 and the "London Broil in Red Wine Sauce" recipe - it's delish.

One quote that still makes me laugh... "I don't think I would stab you with this knife; it would have to be more of a julienne."


There's no place like home for the football season

Setting out for State College this evening. We'll have 2 days of preparation before the homecoming tailgate.

Hope to see you there - have a great weekend!


A few more pix from Saturday

It was such a nice day - I thought I'd share I few more photos...

grape tomatoes...ahhhh.

...'cause a duck could be somebody's mother.

Outdoor dancefloor - Central PA style.

PSU v. indiana game time set

PSU will travel to Bloomington on Saturday, October 20th - game time is set for 12pm (EST) - and the game will be broadcast on either ESPN or ESPN2 (not, amazingly, on the BTN).

Check out more details at GoPSUsports.com.

wiscy sour

It's Homecoming 2007 - And Penn State is hosting the badgers of wisconsin on October 13th. For this game/tailgate, we'll be teaming up with the Diesel Tailgate crew for a Homecoming Fiesta!

Game time is at 3:30pm (the game will be televised on ABC), so the parking lots open at 8:00am.

Per normal, we are planning to park in Lot 13 - we expect to park in the "eastest" section of the lot, whether it be the top or bottom (closest to Park Ave) portion. Look for the blue PSU flag with an inflated football atop. For more detailed directions, email us for cell phone numbers. You can find a detailed parking map and other gameday information at http://gopsusports.cstv.com/ (click on Gameday Central).

As always, all are welcome and contributions, while not necessary, are certainly appreciated. Also, please feel free to forward this email to any of the football faithful that we may have missed. Check out the details at the Diesel Tailgate website or shoot us an email if you have any questions.

To the Lion!

I'm seriously concerned

that there will not be a team to root for on Saturday.

There are absolutely unacceptable stories coming out of Slap Happy Valley involving players AND coaches. I love Penn State but I will not support a team of hoods.

I was just discussing this past weekend that it seems that Dan Connor had really learned his lesson from after his tomfoolery 2 seasons ago. He has matured into a great player, and, apparently a great leader. Other players on the team, some of them who are still in "trouble" do not seem to have learned anything from their past actions - nor has the coaching staff.

I'm appalled by the actions of our players this season - If the team is this out of control then this is just more evidence that the coaching staff is out of touch on and off the field.

I'm thinking that the whole team and coaching staff needs to spend a little more time cleaning up the stadium and playing PS3.

I know that we ask a lot of these people - and that they are under constant scrutiny - but come on - these kids and ADULTS are living out the dream(s) of many a fan - I just don't understand.


Big Weekend - bigger one on the way

The Iowa game and Oktoberfest! tailgate were both promising successes.

The team looked "better" - but I'm a little suspicious that the Iowa defense isn't as good as it was on paper.

I'm in like with Rodney Kinlaw; I'm a little in love with Evan Royster.

We didn't have a very big crowd at the tailgate - but it was a perfect day - and the food... let me just say... it was legendary. We have some new/adaptations to our menu/recipes - the mini jaeger schnitzel with noodles was wunderbar and our beer brat recipe has a rather unorthodox adjustment - but that might be a secret.

This week is homecoming and a joint tailgate - so we're going to be super busy with preparations. The cupboards are rather depleted from the first half of the (tailgating) season - so there will be a lot of baking, cooking and creating going on before Saturday. Mainly because... not to jinx anything but...

We've been chosen as one of the 10 finalists for the Penn State Alumni Tailgating competition!

So, it's probably going to be a lot of tailgating stuff this week - yea!


Fan Fare Friday

It's Oktoberfest - my favorite time of the year - and my favorite tailgate.

I made the pork and sauerkraut Wednesday night - and last night I was carving up the meat for transport -

I snuck a couple roast pork sandwiches for dinner - they were delish!

Roast Pork and Sauerkraut sandwiches.

Pre cooked pork roast
Cooked sauerkraut
white bread
brown mustard
potato chips.

Re-heat your pork, along with the sauerkraut, either in the oven (350 degrees) or the microwave.
Slice pork thinly
take 2 slices of white bread, spread brown mustard on one slice (or both)
place pork slices on mustard
season with salt and fresh cracked pepper
top with sauerkraut
place 2nd slice of bread on top and enjoy!
serve with pickles and chips!

yum diddily um!

See you up at State College - we're leaving in less than an hour!



Looking for a recipe for a great roast beef sandwich?

I know you are. And I've got one for you - just check out Sports Illustrated's Tailgate Nation!

Teee Heee! I was contacted by SI ages ago about submitting a recipe, story and photo.

Photo: Tailgate Nation (yeah, we're currently on the front page of the site!) - photo taken by: Me!

If you care to read about

how PSU doesn't need to make any changes on offense and how Morelli is the man for the job - check out the transcript of the Joe Paterno Press Conference on GoPSUsports.com.

Click here if you'd rather read about cleaning wounds with the use of maggots.

I realize that Joe's love affair with the press ended years ago - and that the sports media in general is a crew of, well, wound cleaning maggots (Chisley and um's eligibility woes? seriously, what do you think you're going to get from questions like those?) - but Paterno's last few press conferences have been ridiculous - this week with the "give me specifics" (regarding problems in the red zone) "overall they are playing well" "No, we're fine". No, I don't expect him to come out and say - "our guys stink, especially Morelli - whew!" - but come on Coach - don't insult us.


Homecoming - it's homecoming next week!

So, the clever little children back at Penn State have organized a variety of activities and events for returning alums and fans to celebrate Penn State Homecoming 2007!

Franco Harris will be honored as this year's Grand Marshal.

Here's a list of some of the fun...

Tuesday, October 9
7:00 PM
Schwab Auditorium

Wednesday, October 10
Nittany Pursuit
5:00 PM
East Halls Quad

Homecoming Night Out
10:00 PM
The Gingerbread Man

Thursday, October 11
Raise the Song Band Bash
9:00 PM
Cell Block

Friday, October 12
1:00–4:00 p.m
Ice Cream Social*
Hintz Family Alumni Center

6:00 p.m.
Homecoming Parade**
Starting at Lot 83, winding through campus and downtown

Immediately following the Parade
Pep Rally and King & Queen Coronation**
Old Main Steps

10:00 p.m.–1:00 a.m.
Guard the Lion Shrine*
Nittany Lion Shrine, on the corner of Burrowes and Curtin roads.

Saturday, October 13
8:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
Hintz Family Alumni Center Open Hours*
Hintz Family Alumni Center

9:30 a.m.–11:00 a.m.
Huddle with the Faculty*
Nittany Lion Inn

The presentation “Climate Change Déjà Vu: The Lessons of Southwest Archaeology,” given by Dr. Dean Snow, professor of anthropology, will begin at 10:00 a.m. Huddle with the Faculty is free and open to the public. No reservations are necessary.

12:30–3:30 p.m. Penn State Alumni Association Hospitality Tent
Homecoming Tent, on Curtin Road in front of the Bryce Jordan Center

12:30–3:30 p.m.
Young Alumni Homecoming Celebration*
Penn State Alumni Association Homecoming Tent, located across Porter Road from the stadium at Porter Gardens at Lubrano Park
*Registration in advance of the event is required.

3:30 p.m. kickoff
Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Wisconsin Badgers Football Game

You can find all of this information and much more by visiting the Homecoming website and/or the Alumni Association site.

Oh, and don't forget the 2theLion Diesel tailgate that kicks off on Saturday at 0800 sharp!


io...(run across the room)...wa...

(run, run)...io...(run, run, cramp, ow, walk)...wa.

Penn State returns home to (I wouldn't exactly say) Happy Valley this weekend to host iowa. The hawkeyes don gold and black uniforms (think Pittsburgh Steelers) and have proven to be a pesky opponent for PSU in past matchups.

We're looking for the Lions to regroup and come out strong against the 2-3 (0-2) hawkeyes on the football field and, in the parking lots we'll be celebrating OKTOBERFEST 2007! It's the final weekend of the festival in Munich -
so we'll be serving up all of our favorite Bavarian fare, including, but certainly not limited to, beer brats, roast pork and sauerkraut, mini schnitzel, strudel, applesauce...oh, yeah, and some beer (and maybe even a birthday cake)!

Accuweather's current forecast for Saturday calls for sun and a high temperature of 78.

Gametime is set for 3:30pm, so the parking lots will open at 8am. Per normal, we are planning to park in Lot 13 - we expect to park in the "eastest" section of the lot, whether it be the top or bottom (closest to Park Ave) portion. Look for the blue PSU flag with an inflated football atop. For more detailed directions, email us for cell phone numbers.

As always, all are welcome and contributions, while not necessary, are certainly appreciated.

To the Lion!