Big BIG Night

(reprint of Tailgating email)

Greetings fellow fans of football,

Penn State faces the ohio state buckeyes on October 27th at 8:00pm. The game will be televised on ABC. The Lions are coming off some solid wins, but they've suffered some serious injuries in the process - and i think that ohio is pretty well ranked - somewhere in the top 25...

We'll be tailgating in the RV lots (Lot 19) - the big rig drivers are planning on rolling in Thursday at noon - and the fun will start early - but for those of us chumps cruising in on with our banal dual axle vehicles, the parking lots don't open until 8:00am on Saturday - so that's when the official tailgate begins.

Our theme to Blast the buckeyes is "Retro 50s Diner" - expect a ton of yummy treats ranging from mini meatloaf and hot turkey sandwiches to burgers, deep fried anything that will stand still and not scream too loudly, and of course - buckeye ball bars.

All are welcome - Rob, the Tailgating coordinator has sent around an evite to get a rough idea of the crowd size - if you received the email - be sure to RSVP - if you didn't, email us and we'll add you to the count! (one, one happy tailgater. ha ha ha ha. two, two...) - you can check out the details and sign up on the equipment list on the Diesel website.

Accuweather is currently forecasting - mostly cloudy with a "bit" of rain, with a high of 61 and a low of 45. Since we'll be out there all day - it's a good idea to bring a change of clothes and definitely wear layers - it's going to get chilly at night. Not sure if it's "rain gear" weather - but it's not a bad idea to bring it along as they are calling for an evening shower.

Hope to see you there!

Going home right now to roast the turkey which has been hanging out in a tub of brine all day. YUM!



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