Big Weekend - bigger one on the way

The Iowa game and Oktoberfest! tailgate were both promising successes.

The team looked "better" - but I'm a little suspicious that the Iowa defense isn't as good as it was on paper.

I'm in like with Rodney Kinlaw; I'm a little in love with Evan Royster.

We didn't have a very big crowd at the tailgate - but it was a perfect day - and the food... let me just say... it was legendary. We have some new/adaptations to our menu/recipes - the mini jaeger schnitzel with noodles was wunderbar and our beer brat recipe has a rather unorthodox adjustment - but that might be a secret.

This week is homecoming and a joint tailgate - so we're going to be super busy with preparations. The cupboards are rather depleted from the first half of the (tailgating) season - so there will be a lot of baking, cooking and creating going on before Saturday. Mainly because... not to jinx anything but...

We've been chosen as one of the 10 finalists for the Penn State Alumni Tailgating competition!

So, it's probably going to be a lot of tailgating stuff this week - yea!

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