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RUTS penned (character stroked - sounds dirty) the questions this week

1. Two consecutive games, two dominating performances by the Nittany Lion running game. Why the drastic change in production?

The elimination of Austin Scott and his bad karma. I am so very disappointed for Austin, but I am very glad that he is out of the locker room.

2. Since the departure of Tom Osborne before the 1998, Nebraska quickly fired Frank Solich, hired a bad NFL coach, and on Monday fired its Athletic Director. Is there any way to avoid this sort of fiasco when Joe Paterno eventually retires?

I have no idea. What exactly is PSU like without Joe Paterno? What is the patience level of PSU boosters when they don't have a living legend on staff? And if we get some guy who does a fantastic job - what's going to keep him at PSU? Nobody stays put these days - Joe is an alien martian zombie compared to the rest of the college coaching world - which makes him unique.

3. Terrelle Pryor is on the verge of crossing Penn State off his list, if he hasn’t already. Does Penn State absolutely have to sign a quarterback in this class, or can we afford to wait until next season?

I don't think that Pryor is interested in PSU - he's a tall talented kid - but PSU really isn't a good fit (or so it would seem) - Besides, I thought that we were desperate for an RB this year.

Lightning Round
Describe a scenario in which Penn State ties for the conference title. Obviously, Penn State has to beat Ohio State. What other dominoes need to fall?

Britney needs to get the kids back.

Will Penn State have its typical lazy start in a noon road game?

Here's hoping that they don't - but they've had slow starts in all (even at home) of the "early" starts.

Score prediction?

I don't do predictions - just thinking good thoughts for our Lions.

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