"The Cake. Oh, the Cake."

"the people are especially delicious..."
So, we didn't win the tailgating competition - but we did get a lot of wonderful complements and we had a great time.

The centerpiece of the celebration was, not surprisingly, the cake - which featured a stadium wide whiteout complete with a reverse S block - and sassy scoreboards.
It turned out to be a lovely day - and I'm so proud of and thankful for all of our fellow tailgaters - especially for putting up with my blue/white dress/equipment code. We had a crowd of over 60 - to enjoy the "make your own nachos" bar and other Fiesta inspired treats!

We had so many great contributions to the spread - taco dip(s), chili, guacamole topped burgers, chocolate/peanut butter truffles, corn salsa - and some delicious new recipes - "put the lime in the coconut" macaroons, jerk chicken (austin scott?)pinwheels, salvadoran slaw, homemade tortilla bowls, and so on...

In other tailgating news - we have a recipe featured in the Penn State Alumni Cookbook - if you picked up a copy last week - check out page 62 and the "London Broil in Red Wine Sauce" recipe - it's delish.

One quote that still makes me laugh... "I don't think I would stab you with this knife; it would have to be more of a julienne."

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, hillbilly girl; looks like your 'no name jerseys' lived up to your names...the nothings.

And your ugly plain helmets... maybe you should have some sort of award sticker, because your team is no longer relevant in the conversation about the top teams in college.

By the way, I’m not sure if you watched it on the BTN on Friday night, but it was said that Joe Paterno guaranteed victory for his Nittany Lions on Saturday. And he didn’t just say it once, he said it twice. Desperate times call for desperate pep rally speeches. (He must be watching a lot of Notre Dame’s pep rallies.)


You scrubs suck bilge water. The Pac10 Rules and ASU is THE BEST team in football and basketball!!!