I'm seriously concerned

that there will not be a team to root for on Saturday.

There are absolutely unacceptable stories coming out of Slap Happy Valley involving players AND coaches. I love Penn State but I will not support a team of hoods.

I was just discussing this past weekend that it seems that Dan Connor had really learned his lesson from after his tomfoolery 2 seasons ago. He has matured into a great player, and, apparently a great leader. Other players on the team, some of them who are still in "trouble" do not seem to have learned anything from their past actions - nor has the coaching staff.

I'm appalled by the actions of our players this season - If the team is this out of control then this is just more evidence that the coaching staff is out of touch on and off the field.

I'm thinking that the whole team and coaching staff needs to spend a little more time cleaning up the stadium and playing PS3.

I know that we ask a lot of these people - and that they are under constant scrutiny - but come on - these kids and ADULTS are living out the dream(s) of many a fan - I just don't understand.

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