Little Things mean a lot.

We tailgate with extremely talented and creative people - who help make ours the best darn non-award winning tailgate there is. This weekend, to help celebrate the season, they wowed us with their pumpkin carving skills.

We brought the carved Lion home to Mother for her Halloween decoration. She was astounded. She picked it right up and carried it into the house, and proceeded to find a candle and set it aglow (a little back story - Mother doesn't like lit candles and really doesn't like jack-o-lanterns) - She just kept saying how beautiful and great (as it is) it was.

So I pulled out the camera and showed her a picture of their other creation - something that I will never forget ever.

When we left the house to make the trip back to Philadelphia, Mother was singing "Hail to the Lion" (or something very close to it) to the pumpkin.

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