Dear fans of football, fun, and food...

It's our final home tailgate of the season!

So we're dusting off some favorite tailgating recipes that we really enjoy and we're putting together a French themed tailgate! We'll be serving Onion Soup, Beef in Red Wine Sauce (our recipe from the Homecoming Cookbook!), gougeres, an assortment of cheeses and desserts and anything else that we find ourselves inspired to create.

Oh, and there is a football game - the Lions face the black and old gold garbed boilermakers of Purdue.

Kickoff is at 12 noon - so the parking lots will open at 7am. We'll be there when they open the gates and we're planning on parking in Lot 13 (UNLESS WE SEND AN UPDATE EMAIL LATER THIS WEEK) -

Give us a call on game day for specific directions.

Currently Accuweather says that it'll be cold(er) - but clear - sounds perfect.

As always, all are welcome - we hope to see you there.

To the Lion!

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