Blue White Roundtable - North Philly Style

First off - YEA!!!! MICHAEL NUTTER!!!!!!

next - I thought I'd take a stab (no gun violence here!) at this week’s questions, which were artfully penned by William Yurasko.

1.) Please elaborate on whether you come away from the Purdue game encouraged or discouraged about the Nittany Lions?

Mildly encouraged as they won - but they number of penalties and sloppy play in the beginning of the game is alarming.

Evan Royster is great - Let's keep him healthy and we've got ourselves a running back - add in some Stephon Green next season and things could be good. The offensive line is playing really well - great on run plays and good on pass plays - of course they can give AM all the time in the world, but they can't make him throw the ball to Butler.

I want to see a trick play this season - I real one - like the one's that Galen ran his first season back - I am in no way a fan of gadget plays - but I'd like to see some razzle dazzle - we've got a lot of (reported) talent and speed - why not use it?

2.) Who was a better linebacker at this point in their junior seasons, Sean Lee, Dan Connor or Paul Posluszny?
This is an excellent question (and the reason I decided to post some bootleg answers this week) - Posluszny was co-captain his Junior year; which was quite the accomplishment. It was 2005 and the defense was really excellent - there was a lot of quality support from the secondary (at times) and great strength up front - He was a great leader and just a natural born football player - obviously, his one (possible) weak point was in pass coverage - but it really didn't matter so much.

Connor will always be remembered, in part, for his prank phone call incident(s) of 2005 - by 2006 he had shed the stigma and was really out of Poz' shadow. He's a key player linebacker - when his assignment is to stop something or someone - he does it. Connor seems to see everything before it even happens.

Lee is great - I love this kid and I love his attitude - He's a monster on the field - he really delivers a bone crushing hit - and causes more fumbles than anyone. He's quick and smart and has great vision. Sean's one fault? He can't catch the dang football! He'd probably be leading the team in interceptions if he could.

All three have a certain 6th sense about the game - and an unstoppable drive. It's such a tough choice - we've been so lucky to have these kids on our team(s). I'm going to go with Sean Lee - he has 3 more games to prove me right.

3.) How much of a fight do you expect Temple to put up since this their biggest home game in forever-and-a-day? Does Temple (3-6) have a shot at winning? Are you going to be at the game in Philadelphia?

I'm going to have to disagree with this being the biggest home game in "forever" for Temple - for what it's worth - they used to play some pretty formidable foes in the Big East - and sometimes with not horrendous results.

Last season's game against Temple was kinda sad. Penn State was a little lazy in their play - but the Temple kids just couldn't keep up with them speed or size wise. I'm really rooting for Al Golden to turn around the football program at Temple - and it seems that the University is making an investment in the team. Right before he got to campus, Temple lost 9 scholarships due to academics - He's really brought back the idea of the scholar athlete - and he's doing a good job in recruiting. For what it's worth, playing home football games in the Linc is pretty cool.

Temple is obviously improving, and as other teams have proven this season especially, you never underestimate your opponent - but I really think that PSU will win the game.

Yeah, I'll be there. I've been waiting since they announced this game 2 years ago for this tailgate!

Lightning round

Are you a fan of the Patriot-News sportswriter videos?

Can't say - I've never seen one. From the stills on other sites - they're quite the Beau Brummells.

Which basketball team will have a better season, the men or the women?

I'm hoping that both teams improve this season. I'm quite optimistic that the Women's team is going to well this season. While I can be a bit of a poohead when it comes to the men's team (we always hurt the ones we love) - I wish them tons of success -

Do you wear a Penn State jersey to games? If so, what number and why?

I have. But not this season. I have a blue #7 and a blue #82. The #7 was a gift from friends during Zach Mills' freshman season and I bought (yup, saved up my own money) the #82 when I was a kid and in love with Kenny Jackson.

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