Brussel Sprouts!

When I was in elementary school (at the storied Park Forest Elem) they taught us (I believe it was 4th or 5th grade), after a rash of naughty language incidents, to say a vegetable name instead of a "bad" word when we were upset and/or frustrated. They said that using curse words showed a lack of vocabulary skills - I guess that's why Lady MacBeth howled "out! out parsnip spot!"

Anyway - I just read the weather report for tomorrow's game - both Accuweather and Weather.com - and all I can say is Brussel Sprouts and Fudge Muffins of love and happiness (a term I later added to my vocab).

It's going to rain - nearly all morning - and if you believe weather.com there are going to be showers around 3pm.

Bring the rain gear.

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WFY said...

I couldn't find an email address for tailgate information on the page. I want to stop by -- wfyurasko at erols dot com.

Hopefully this isn't too late!