Guess What?

I'm going to stop moping about Saturday -

One of the cruel truths about being an avid fan - is that when your team stinks - you rarely watch the re-cap/scores shows. If PSU wins, I'm on every channel - waiting for them to mention PSU's greatness - when they lose - it's time to flip to Gem TV.

So, many times when PSU loses, I miss out on scores of other games -

One I clearly missed was Alabama's match up against Louisiana-Monroe, at home. Bama, and their brand spankin' new highly compensated coach(ing staff) lost to the Warhawks 14-21. We may at Penn State complain that we can only beat the cupcakes, but at least we beat the cupcakes.

Louisiana-Monroe went into the game 4-6 with their other quality wins coming against ASU (no, not arizona, no not appalachian, Arkansas State), Florida Atlantic, (championship division) Grambling State and our common foe - Florida International - although these guys do have a better OoC schedule than PSU (who doesn't?) .

So, it's kinda like we beat Alabama on Saturday.

But seriously, the kids at L-M must be very excited - a hometown kid (a freshman) named Goodin rushed for the tying touchdown - and their quarterback, Kinsmon Lancaster threw (to Marty Humpfrey) for the winning td.

Tim McGraw and Tim Brando (of sports reporting fame) are notable L-M alums.

After all, losing to msu may be frustrating, but it's not a casatrophic event.

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