Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day

mine was fine; thanks for asking.

I watched quite a lot of football this weekend (and sappy/crappy movies - I couldn't help myself).

Friday was a big day - #1 LSU fell (in triple overtime) to Arkansas - which left the BCS door wide open, again. I watched the beginning of the game and saw McFadden's two turnovers - I flipped away - but each time I came back - the score made no sense - Arkansas gutted out a win - McFadden (following his fumble troubles) had a banner day (even throwing for a td) against a usually miserly LSU defense - the kid can play.

Texas A&M toppled mighty Texas (and Coach Franchione promptly resigned - to pursue other interests).

And Hawaii finally beat Boise State - the game was close - but Hawaii played well at the end to assure victory - All the media talks about is Colt Brennan - but the team was pretty balanced on Friday -

On Saturday - "rival week" continued -

Florida pounded fsu - which makes me happy - but it's really scary to see how good Florida's potential is - they're just so young - as the announcers kept saying - this team is a likely pre-season #1. And I seriously wonder if Tim Tebow isn't a cyborg. How can he be so strong, smart and saved? He did suffer a broken hand (non-throwing) during the game - but, um, the injury occurred during uf's first touchdown drive - the first (Tebow would pass/run for 4 more tds) - the severity of the injury was not determined (ie revealed) until after the game - the kid maintains a 3.77 gpa and is the son of a minister/missionary. That's just not natural.

The Tennessee/Kentucky game was also fun - UT was winning most of the day - so I'd flip to the game periodically - just to see what was happening - and then suddenly - UK was right back in it - first and goal with just seconds on the clock - they ended up tying the game with a field goal - and sent the game into overtime - a very exciting overtime - during the second overtime - tennessee went first - and a UK defender intercepted an Eric Ainge pass - it appeared that UK was going to pull out the victory - on their possession, UK stalled and lined up to kick the winning field goal - UT wouldn't have it and they blocked the field goal (very nearly running back for a score) - both teams scored touchdowns in the 3rd OT - but UT converted their 2 pt conversion to win the game.

I'll admit that I flipped to the nd/Standford game a few times - sadly, nd won - but it wasn't without quite a few mishaps - which is always nice to see.

I watched quite a bit of the Missouri/Kansas game - and I found myself "exclaiming" every so often - both quarterbacks were excellent - some of the passes and catches that were made during that game were pure poetry. And there was some solid hitting on defense as well - the d-backs really delivered some rocking hits - it was a fun game to watch.

So, #1 and #2 (albeit to #4) lost this weekend - the BCS rankings leapfrogged Missouri to #1, with WVU and tosu following. Upcoming, the Tigers play against Oklahoma for the Big 12 championship and WVU plays pitt in their season finale - and tosu sits at home, playing Rock Band, and waiting to see if they'll be booking flights to Pasadena or New Orleans - must be nice.

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