Leaving for State College tonight

for the last, sniff, home, wah, tailgate of the season.

Last night we finished up the at home preparation - onion soup and croutons - DONE; prep for red wine sauce- DONE; the most successful batch of gougeres in my storied history of making gougeres - DONE; packed gear - DONE.

Just going to run home during lunch to pack clothing and re-container some of the foodstuffs.

It's always bittersweet for the last tailgate - at least we have Temple next week!

Hope to see you this weekend.

Go Lions!!!!


WFY said...

Will you know ahead of time what lot your tailgate will be for the Temple game?

PSUgirl said...

We're shooting for Lot A, B or H - I need to call the parking office and confirm times and locations.

I'll post more details soon.