So, I took a lot of pictures

at the game on Saturday. We were in the 2nd row in the endzone (just behind the S in "OWLS" or "EAGLES", if you looked closely) - and, if you've ever been to Lincoln Financial Field - you'll know that that means that we were right on the field - it was great.

Most of the pictures I took, were actually of the security guys and/or pylons (my "just hold up the camera and get the picture" angles aren't always the best) - but I did get a few interesting shots of the game and the band and the big giant scoreboard - and while sifting through the multitude of pixels I found one great shot.

Now you might think that this is an example of Anthony Scirrotto running away from the play (he's been fooled by the reverse) or an example of not offensive holding (do they need a moment) - no when you look through all of that - what you'll see is the genesis of a fumble.

and here's the recovery...and Scirrotto trotting back toward the ball.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like you were standing on the field!

The only thing I don't like about sitting sow low on the end zone is the lack of depth perception when they throw the ball. It's good for watching the tackles though (and Conner had a bunch).

The food looks good too... ;)