Who can it, who can it be now?

All weekend the pundits were flipping and flopping around about the Heisman voting - depending on which game they were commentating - the endorsements shifted. Some say that Tim Tebow is just the best, and therefore he should win; others say that Colt Brennan, despite missing one game due to injury (concussion - wimp - see Tim Tebow) has the numbers and the talent that warrants the award; admitting that he had some "down games" still others said that Darren McFadden's "big games" so outshine any average performances that he is the natural pick; and there were those who said that the Mizzou/Kansas game was not only a battle for the Big XII North - but for the Heisman as well (Chase Daniel won that one).

Of course, every time they cut to Tim Brando - all I could think was - your school beat Alabama.

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