Awards of the State

The Maxwell award went to Tim Tebow and the Walter Camp went to McFadden. okay - so I flipped these -

Dorsey won the Outland Trophy.

The O'Brien Award, the first of the night went to Tebow. Timmy thanked his Lord, his savior, Jesus Christ - but not Urban Meyer (at least not until he won the Maxwell).

Daniel didn't win anything - but they did ask him about how devastating it must have been to lose that 2nd game to Oklahoma - So Chase, you've lost everything this season - how do you feel?

Biletnikoff - Crabtree

Thorpe - Cason

Bednarik - Connor. Okay - so I was ticked off while watching the awards show - because I was totally convinced that Laurinaitis was going to win -- they seemed to show him or talk with him during every segment. So when they were finally announcing the award - I was actually booing the television. And then they said "Dan Connor" and I was totally surprised - and thrilled that Danny won. Luckily I'd DVR'd it so I watched the announcement a few times. It seems to me that maybe they didn't know who would win - because the young lady next to Dan did a definite "yes!" when his name was announced - for what it's worth - the candidates themselves were pretty stoic - me - not so much.

Walker - McFadden - surprised? No? Kevin White was at the awards ceremony - but not a finalist for this award. hmmm.

Mackey - Davis

Groza - Weber - not as cute in person.

Lombardi- Dorsey

Hendricks - C. Long - A very humble young man - but so not as handsome as Daddy.

Guy - Brooks - the finalists for this award were probably the cutest group of guys - I was like - these 'guys' (har har) are punters? And then Ray Guy was actually there to give out the award - pretty cool.

My one observation and tip for the masses is that Linebacker types - caucasian boys with thick necks and sharp features should NOT wear their hair long - it looks silly and is very unflattering.

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