Blue White Roundtable - So what's your point?

Well, it's, reportedly, the last of the "regularly scheduled" B/W Roundtables this week - and there was one question that piqued my interest - one last chance, this season, to sneak in with the band.

JB from There is No Name on My Jersey came up with the questions - lucky us.

PSU is lined up to play Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl. How are you feeling about the match-up and Penn State's chances?

I feel good about this one - I think that Penn State matches up well and will win this one.

The BCS, fire away.

Okay - that final day of the regular season was pretty darn entertaining. When pitt pulled off the upset of the, well, the last 72 hours or so, I was laughing out loud. I never root for pitt - but it was fantastic to see yet another top team tumble.

That said - the BCS' "job" is to compute who the top 2 teams are in the country and then send them off to a championship game. The Computer picks its favorite - and the humans (and the sports writers) do the same - it is all factored in together and they come up with the top two teams. Did the humans vote with their hearts, minds and/or wallets? I have no idea - but after the USC/LSU co-championship season, the humans have had more of a say in just who goes to the game.

Is it right that a 2 loss team is playing for the championship? If I'm a Tiger fan - heck yeah - if I'm a Jayhawk, Sooner, Warrior, Bulldog (etc) booster - not so much. But I do think that LSU is one of the top teams this season -

I like the system better than what we had before - my school is one that has, historically, been passed over by the human vote - Could it be better? Sure it could. I think that a playoff would be exciting and beneficial to the sport - but it's not on the horizon.

This season I think that Missouri got the worst of it - #1 in the country one day - and the next day 2 teams ranked below you, both of which you defeated. are going to BCS bowl games - and you're heading to Dallas.

Will you be rooting for Tosu in order to help boost the profile of the conference or will you unmitigated hate win out?

So here's the question that interested me the most. No - I don't think that I will be rooting for tosu. I just can't stomach the fact/idea that they are even in the championship game - let alone the notion that they might end up the champion. Yes, LSU has 2 losses - but they are undefeated in regulation - 2 triple overtime losses - it's pretty amazing.

I will, most likely, be rooting for all of the Big Ten teams in all the other games. It will pain me to root for some of them - but I find each of them to be more palatable than the bucknuts.


Are you going to the Alamo Bowl?

No - I'm sure that it will be tons of fun - but I'll be watching at home.

How much playing time do Devlin and Clark see?

None I expect - I don't see how this final game should be any different than the regular season games.

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R. LeBaron said...

Score one for the humans! The computers somehow picked Virginia Tech. (Didn't they lose by 41 points to LSU?) Whether or not people agree LSU should play for the national championship, they deserve it more than the computer's champion (VT).