First, let's recap the Holiday Bowl

A late Christmas present to football fans. Not fans of clean, precise mechanized football - but fun, crazy, exciting football - and probably not for fans of either team.

This game was the 2007 college football season - all wrapped up in one game. Fumbles - interceptions - fake this, fake that - 4th down conversions for touchdowns - it was hilarious.

And then there was the play that will live in infamy - a pivotal moment that was influenced, not by any player, coach or official - but by the left hand thumb of a "ball boy"... Texas was up 21 - 0, having capitalized on ASU's sloppy play. But the devils were driving, with 3rd down at the Texas 14. Carpenter dropped back to pass and a rush of burnt orange plowed into the backfield. Carpenter, knowing he was caught, made a desperate attempt at a pass - which ended up being a lateral, and, therefore, a free ball. The ball bounced toward the Texas sideline - a Texas player ran up pitched the ball back toward a teammate - who picked it up and ran. The Texas sideline was going nuts - all except for one red faced staffer, Chris Jessie (who happens to be Mack Brown's step son - his name and affiliation were quickly deciphered by the media). What Jessie knew was that, as the ball was bouncing toward the sideline, he had stretched out his arms to gather up the ball (I'm assuming he thought that it was an incomplete pass, maybe even intentional grounding) - a coach next to him was hollering and running toward him and he pauses for a split second and then quickly retracts his arms - but not before (according to the officials) his thumb touched the ball and altered it's course. Not so quickly, the officials reviewed the play and determined that there had been "illegal touching" of a live ball which ends the play and results in a penalty. After some discussion about what down it should be - ASU had the ball back, now on the 7 yard line - but it was 4th and 3 - Seizing the moment(um), Carpenter connected with his star receiver, McGaha (no, it's not pronounced like you think it should be) for a touchdown.

The cameras could not stay off the poor guy - it was pretty brutal. Texas, of course, went on to win the game decisively, but it was one of the funniest, wackiest things I've ever seen.

No doubt there will now be an unwritten "Chris Jessie Rule" on the sideline - "Listen for the whistle!!!!" "Stay off the field!!!!"

It all worked out well - asu lost, and texas was embarrassed -

No bad Karma.

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