Just hear those cowbells ringle-ing

Come on it's lovely weather for a train ride to State College, woo woo.

Okay - the train doesn't exactly go to State College (oh how I wish it did) - but it's close enough.

I'm heading home to State College for the holidays. Just a short trip to see Mumsy and the family. I'll be back in the "big city" on Wednesday.

Be sure, if you can, to check out the Penn State Football Story- Alamo Bowl edition - airing begins Saturday (Dec. 22nd) in select areas (not, of course, Central PA) - Check GoPSUsports.com for specific listings.

Penn State has posted the highest graduation rate of all the Big Ten bowl schools.

Penn State fall graduation is Saturday (perhaps why they're not broadcasting the PSS) - and among the happy graduates is one that I'm particularly proud of - my cousin, Bobby. In the last few years, Bobby has served tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq - in fact, he returned from Iraq this summer and was in the Green Zone last Christmas. So, Congratulations Bobby!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, fellow townie!

Anonymous said...

Bobby to Bobby for graduating AND serving his country. I'll bet your double proud!

I'll be in State College for the holidays too. Well, actually Potters Mills, but that's close enough. I'm originally from State College too.

Merry Christmas!