Special One Game Edition

of the Biased Bowl Blusterings - So, clearly, a burrowing owl is much more fierce than a tiger - who knew? I'll recap and have the other assessments soon - but just for tonight -

The Holiday Bowl, formerly known as the BYU Bowl (it wasn't? you lie.), the game now pits the 2nd place Pac-10 versus the 3rd place Big XII (such proud conferences, shouldn't this game be played on NYD?).

San Diego
Dec. 27, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Arizona State (10-2) vs. Texas (9-3)

Sundevils v longhorns - Sparky, the Sundevil, is an impish little guy, sporting what may be a fire shooting pitchfork - Bevo is, simply, a Texas Longhorn steer, and, perhaps, the most intimidating live mascot out there -

I haven't been too happy with the fandom of either of these teams this year - trolls and Jacknuts - So I won't be saddened by either team's losing.

But in a pure mascot showdown - it's difficult to guess just what a sundevil would be able to do - but in the open range - I'd have to give the edge to the Longhorn - his horns are bigger.

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