Totally Biased Award Predictions

Noticing a trend?

Here's who I think should win this year's top awards. Some choices will feature analysis and explanations (many will not) and some actual research and merit will factor in - occasionally - but mostly I'll make my choices based on affiliation, good looks, name recognition/admiration and/or distain for the other candidate(s) - But then, that's my general criteria whenever I vote...

Heisman Trophy - Top Overall Player

Tim Tebow, Florida Quarterback. Little Timmy Tebow is an amazing phenomenon (not a normal one - amazing). 2007 offered the right combination of factors to allow him to have a record breaking year - the team dynamic along with his talent and determination resulted in Tebow scoring 51 touchdowns in the regular season - . His team did lose 3 games; however, in each loss he accounted for at least 21 points. Tebow's cuteness/fitness level is high - and he's also a good student and a God fearing kid - it's almost too much.

Chase Daniel - Missouri Quarterback. Daniel led his Missouri team to the most unlikely of places (and somewhere none of the other candidates inhabited) - the top of the polls. Albeit a short tenure as the #1 team, Daniel and the Tigers won their conference division and fell only to the Oklahoma Sooners (twice). Chase had a Ben Roethlisberger thing goin' on Saturday night - not saying that's a good or bad thing - I'm just saying.

Darren McFadden - Arkansas Running back - most likely the all-around best athlete - with stellar performances against some of the nation's top teams (LSU, I'm looking at you) - of course, he did have some "meh" outings as well and his team did rack up 4 losses - but there is no denying his contribution to his team and college football - He's a hometown kid done well - not too bad looking either.

Colt Brennan - Hawaii Quarterback - when considering a "body of work" versus one season of glory - Colt Brennan has really had both in 2007. Career college passing records and an undefeated season. Also, he led his team to its first BCS bowl. Brennan's appearance has been a little suspect at times - but over all, there's a handsome young man hiding in there.

Tim Tebow has had the most outstanding year, but he's a sophomore - so I'm biased against him; Brennan has had the most record worthy career, but perhaps against less worthy opposition. My vote goes to Darren McFadden- he had the most impressive performances, against the most impressive opponents - It was a tough year at Arkansas - and he had his down moments - but he rallied like no other.


Maxwell Trophy - Top All Around Player

Tim Tebow - Florida Quarterback

Dennis Dixon - Oregon Quarterback. Dixon had a fantastic year up to his season (and award run) ending injury. While he is not individually responsible, he can never be forgiven for those dang uniforms.

Darren McFadden - Arkansas Running back.


Walter Camp Trophy - Top Player of the Year

Tim Tebow - Florida Quarterback - cause he's gotta win something. The kid broke his hand in the 1st quarter of the fsu game with a broken hand - and still scored 5 touchdowns. I'm starting to wonder if he isn't part android.

Darren McFadden - Arkansas Running Back

Chase Daniel - Missouri Quarterback


Outland Trophy (Best Lineman)

Glenn Dorsey - LSU

Anthony Collins - Kansas

Jake Long - Michigan


Bednarik Award (Best Defense)

Dan Connor - Penn State - Do I really even need to list the other finalists? Not really - Of course Connor is my choice - Plus - he deserves it.

Glenn Dorsey, LSU.

James Laurinaitis, tOSU. This kid is just a trivial cough due to cold. He's not going to develop into BronkoNagurskitis (even if he did win their award) - seriously, he's not even the best LB on his team.


Thorpe Trophy (Best DB)

Antoine Cason - Arizona

Jamie Silva - Boston College

Craig Steltz - LSU


O'Brien Trophy (Best QB)

Tim Tebow - Florida

Chase Daniel - Missouri. Wah? Daniel is a quarterback - he's not a running back or a receiver or a punter - he's a quarterback and he had a great year.

Dennis Dixon - Oregon


Doak Walker Trophy (Best Running Back)

Darren McFadden - Arkansas. Duh.

Mike Hart - Michigan. Hart should get a "I never fumble and it really angers PSUgirl" award. But that's all.

Ray Rice - Rutgers. Rice has had such a wonderful career - and he's been such a huge impact on Rutgers Football. But this wasn't a great year for the Knights - and Ray won't be reaping any awards.


Groza Trophy - Top Place Kicker

Jose Martinez, UTEP - Made a 57 yard field goal - not too shabby.

Austin Starr, Indiana

Thomas Weber, ASU. Probably the best looking and the most successful this season - but I'm off ASU this year, so, sorry.


Biletnikoff Award - Top Wide Receiver

Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech. Definitely gets points for not being Mario.

Mario Manningham, Michigan. Anyone but Mario.

Jordy Nelson, Kansas State - I have really no basis for this other than I like his name and - he's not Mario.


Ray Guy Award - Top Punter

Durant Brooks, Ga Tech. Senior. Cutie. nuf said.

Kevin Haber, Cincinnati

Brett Kern, Toledo. I still ain't made up my mind about Toledo.


Butkus Award - Top Linebacker

Dan Connor, Penn State. Danny really is the best linebacker. He had 2 games this season in which he recorded 18 tackles. For his career (playing alongside Paul Posluszny and Sean Lee!!!!! - as well as some other kids who can tackle) - Connor has made over 400 tackles - that's amazing.

James Laurinaitis, tOSU

Jordan Dizon, Colorado.


Hendricks Award - Top DE

Chris Long - UVA. His father is easily the best thing that has ever graced this planet - at least during my lifetime. But, he's up against at Penn Stater - so he's doomed.

Maurice Evans - PSU. Maurice, the one shoe wonder, had a breakout year for Penn State. Well ahead of schedule and much to the chagrin of many an offensive opponent. He's the winner in my book.

Eric Bakhtiari - USD

Vernon Gholston - tOSU

Greg Middleton (Ind)

Nick Reed - Oregon

Jonal Saint-Dic, Michigan State. Easily, one of the best names in college football.

George Selvie, USF


Mackey Award - Top TE

Travis Beckum - Wisconsin

Fred Davis - USC

Martin Rucker (Missouri)


Lombardi Award (Best Lineman or Linebacker)

Glenn Dorsey - LSU

James Laurinaitis - tOSU

Chris Long - UVA. Here's where Crissy gets my vote. He's quietly amassed an amazing resume as he finishes his college career.

Jake Long - Michigan

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