Blue White Roundtable - Too Legit to Quit

or not - it's the last Roundtable of the 2007-2008 season - the guys are finally bowing to the Writers Guild and giving it up - actually, they said something about it being too difficult to coordinate or whatever - yeah, put your index and middle finger together (HT: EDSBS - I'll use that one forever). But what do I know? I just pilfer the questions after the boys post them - It's not like i'm even in their little club or anything.

But here are the final questions (doo dee doo doo, doo dee doo...) - as crafted by Black Shoe Diaries - with a little help from WFY.

Let's start off with a positive note. When you look back on the 2007 season five or ten years from now, what will be your fondest memory? It doesn't necessarily have to be Penn State related.

It was an exciting and sometimes shocking season - not boring - at all. As far as PSU goes - I was really happy to see Evan Royster and Rodney Kinlaw do well. Kinlaw was the work horse this season - but Royster is (hopefully) our future and after all the doom and gloom of the recruiting season - it was nice to see some spark in the backfield (then again, it's almost always nice to have some spark in the backfield).

What should the Big Ten conference consider as its highest priority this off season?

The B10 needs to repair it's reputation - the officiating scandals, the B10 network public relations fiasco add to the already laughable distinction that the conference has across the nation and with the national sports press. They need to clean up the problems - schedule quality out of conference games and win.

Clark or Devlin? Whose camp are you in and why?

Clark seems to be the man. He has the team's support and he's a charismatic guy. A lot of "message boarders" will tell you that he can't throw the ball - He may have some accuracy issues, but from what I've heard, he can throw the ball.

If I thought that Devlin would be a "quick fix" then I'd be clamoring for the kid - but I don't see it happening - whoever is named as qb is going to have to fit into a very experienced offense - so which ever of the guys "fits" the best is the one I want.

Which position not including quarterback is your biggest concern looking ahead to 2008?

Okay, it's isn't a position - but I'm most concerned about our secondary - they were just mediocre in 2007 - when they were expected to be GREAT - I really don't care who comes back or who goes pro or who's on trial - they all need to improve - and get used to a new coach -

Lightning Round

Who is the early favorite to win the Big Ten in 2008?

Depending on who goes pro - tosu should be a better team next season. As we all know, 2007 was supposed to be a down year.

How many Fulmer Cup points for Penn State this summer?

hopefully zero - kids will always be kids but here's hoping that the coaching staff can inspire these kids to stay out of trouble's way this spring and summer.

Now that the offseason has begun, what will you keep your mind occupied with until fall practice?From WFY

I will plan for next year's tailgates. My co-conspirators and I have a lot of great ideas for next season - so during the off season I will focus on practicing new recipes, testing new tailgating tools and searching the world for a new pop-up canopy that is just perfect but does not cost $500.

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