eh, at least I got the 3 most important


So, we didn't do so well with the bowl predictions (more on that later) - and yeah, I have some (critically important) thoughts about the Alamo (more on that later) -

But - the 3 games that I cared about the most went our way.

Penn State won the Alamo Bowl. Sure it wasn't against a top tier team - but all in all it was a good win.

Kentucky won - although they tried to make it interesting - UK worked it out.

michigan beat florida. Now, I don't particularly like um (at all) - but I was rooting for them to beat florida - if only to make the pundits (and America - per ESPN's poll) eat crow. Even if uf had pulled out a win, michigan played well and truly redeemed themselves (and, to some extent, the Big Ten). It was still a wacky game - Mike Hart fumbled? twice? how?

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