Is anyone excited about the championship game?

I'm sure that fans in Baton Rouge and Columbus are interested to see if their respective team will be named champion - but it seems, that with the delay in the game and the manufactured controversy regarding the merit of the two teams - it just isn't that interesting.

Would I be out of my mind excited if PSU were one of the two teams - yes, of course - I'd be over the moon with anticipation and fully convinced that my stellar team was a worthy contestant.

But the "meh"ness of the teams has led to an "meh"ness for the game.

Last year I really didn't care who won - except that I was super secretly rooting for Florida - mostly because I'd predicted, early on, that they'd win the Championship.

This year I'm even less intrigued - it's the championship game - so I'll watch - I'm kinda hoping that it won't be a very "good" game - I certainly don't wish tosu well - but on the other hand, they are a representative of the B10 - so I'd rather they didn't humiliate themselves (again).

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