Penn Staters in the Super Bowl

So, the 2 teams with Penn State alum have advanced on to the Super Bowl - The New England Patriot and The New York Football Giants.

While I'm happy that PSU will be guaranteed another "ring" - I was not rooting for either team. And having NY and NE in the Super Bowl has left me in a nearly impossible spot - I seriously can't stomach the "team of all times" Patriots (cheaters) NOR can I even entertain the idea of cheering on the Giants and whittle Ewhi Manning - (I live in a very strict anti-Manning zone) - But I guess that I'm going to have to root for the dang giants (bleh).

So, I was seriously rooting for the Packers - although I was steamed that the announcers were alluding that the Giants' missed field goals were all Jay Alford's fault - Hello - he doesn't kick the ball. And then during one of the final drives - aj hawk whiffs on a tackle - and I'm all - eww - maybe I don't want the packers to win - and then they didn't.

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drozz said...

2 notes from yesterday's game:

1. joe buck alluding to the first missed fielgoal as a gimme, effectively jinxing tynes for that attempt. the giants fans i were sitting next to went insane. good times.

2. jay alford hates being a longsnapper. he didn't like it at psu, and dreads it more now in the pros.

yeah-i don't have anyone to cheer for; two years in a row now. i don't mind the players of NE, i just don't like their coaching and fanbase.

as an eagles fan, i can't root for the giants. just can't. altho i find their team exponentially more tolerable without shockey.

quite the connundrum.