Senior Bowl, 2008

Okay, I'll admit it - I only watched about 3 defensive series - and while I was watching, the North was winning - and doing fairly well on defense. Of course I missed Danny's interception and Ellis' safety - but hey - I did see Dan make a few solid tackles in the second half - and although he wasn't "in on" every play - he was "around" it - he led the defensive players in tackles with 9 - and won the Under Armour Award.

It would seem that Danny maintained his "mid-to-late first round" draft status - which is good - there were plenty of players whose stock dropped during the outing. "They" say that his "con" is a lack of natural speed - but he has a quickness and intuitiveness that a linebacker needs - it doesn't matter how fast you run if it's in the wrong direction.

Now - I realize that the South is lousy with uber talented kids and you have to pad the North team with kids from below the Mason Dixon line - just to make it a fair match up - but it really just appeared that the organizers had flunked geography - 9 kids from Southern California were on the North Squad - which is - by my calculation a bit more southern than say, Louisville, UK AND PITTSBURGH.

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