Signs it's the off-season: Blog entries

As in there are no blog entries.

It's not that there isn't anything "going on" in Penn State Football - Joe was hospitalized yesterday, for gosh sake (he's, reportedly, fine; he was dehydrated) - and we've been picking up a variety of new recruits - even some of tosu's (awkward).

I've found myself busy commenting on other blogs - as sometimes happens - and for fear of redundancy and/or basic laziness - I just don't follow up here.

so sad.

Also, I now have a non-football blogging "gig" - it's only 3 posts (minimum) a week - and there is that pesky day job and my addiction to pyramids solitaire - and when you factor in sleeping, watching BBC America, dinner and my church work (no really, I do stuff for the church)...

I know. I know. Lame.

So, here's to a renewed commitment to all things Penn State and Penn State Football.

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