Signs it's the off-season: Clothing

So, football is winding down - There's a chance that no Penn Staters will be playing in the Super Bowl - Justin King is foregoing his 4th year of eligibility and entering the draft - and I all can think about is - What am I going to wear?

In the fall I live in Navy - A navy, if not logoed PSU, outfit is mandatory for Fridays and Saturdays during football season and for the "really big" games, I'll wear PSU inspired garb all week long. Fridays at work, in the fall, are my PSU days. This is especially true if I'll be traveling up to State College that day - and of course there is the assortment of game day clothing for both home and away games.

But now PSU football is over - This became blatantly clear to me on New Year's Day when I was dressing for a "football open house" - usually I'd don my PSU best - but PSU had already played - what the heck was I going to wear? (I ended up wearing navy anyway, as I was most concerned with michigan winning that day)

I've realized this winter that I have a lot of navy clothing - this is nothing new - what it new is the ratio of navy to other colors.

Navy is, of course, a spring and summer color - sure people wear navy suits and overcoats all year long but, traditionally, it's kinda like white - even though many would suggest that the adage "no white after labor day" is dead and gone - just try going to Houston with white shoes in November - you'll recognize the looks. I've taken this rule to mean only navy accessories - as in shoes, handbags and such - I wear navy clothing all year long - although it does make me feel like I should be going on a cruise when I pull on my cabled cotton cardigan - oh well.

One good thing about football season being over - and not really having a marquee basketball program (right now) (make those free throws!!!!) is that, given the right market (ie outside of Happy Valley), PSU stuff can go on sale. This weekend we found PSU "stuff" at various retailers for 50 - 80% off - Much was purchased.

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