Signs it's the off-season: NFL

It's the off-season - time to occupy one's self with things other than college football - it's difficult, I know.

One immediate distraction is NFL football.

Now, I follow Pro football during the college football season it's just usually on the radio driving home from State College - I consider myself to be an Eagles and a Steelers fan - I know - there have been long drawn out discussions (arguments) on how you can't root for 2 teams and you can't have a "transplant" team or whatever - I get it - I do - it's just I didn't grow up with a favorite pro football team - I grew up with Penn State.

Living in Philadelphia makes me an Eagles fan by location. I do love the birds and their rabid fans - but, growing up in Central PA - we didn't have a Philadelphia tv station - and very rarely saw any Philadelphia sports - unless, of course, they were playing Pittsburgh. Nearly everyone in Centre County (and west) is a Steelers fan and if I want to still be on speaking terms with the family, I have to be up to date on the Stillers.

So if neither PA team is playing (which, sadly is the current case), the next test is number of Penn State players - this weekend there will be six Penn Staters on playoff team rosters (playing on 5 teams).

Seattle vs Green Bay - currently, Bobby Engram is the only Penn Stater suiting up for this game - that gives the edge to the Seahawks - 13 years is a long time too, Brett.

Jacksonville vs New England - Isaac Smolko is a Jaguar and Kyle Brady (yes, he's still playing) is a Patriot. The Jags beat Pittsburgh - so that stings - but the Patriots are cheaters (not that Kyle is) - so I'm hoping for an upset of the pre-ordained gods of 2007-08.

San Diego vs Indianapolis - Ed Johnson is a Colt and the Colts' coaching staff has PSU ties - this makes it difficult. One of the #1 rules of being a PSU fan is to root for the underdog - and I actually like San Diego - they need to draft some Penn Staters!

and finally, the most odious game of the weekend - NY Giants vs Dallas - New York has two Penn Staters on their roster: Jay Alford and Kareem MacKenzie - but as a Philadelphia fan I do not root for the football giants- but they're playing the cowboys - a team without any Lions but with one TO - oh, it's horrible but I'll have to root for the giants to win an ugly game, so they can lose to Seattle in the Championship game.

The NFL will only be on for a few more weeks - then there's Arena football - go Soul.

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