Signs it's the off season - The Weather

During the football season I frequently visit Accuweather.com and their 15 day forecast feature.

I realize that weather is an intangible in any outdoor sporting event, but my main concern is, always, tailgating weather. I get a weird little rush whenever a home game falls within the "next 15 days" - Although weather in State College is rarely predicted correctly or consistent.

I find that Accuweather tends to have a football bias - that is - they will focus on any possibility for decent weather on a home game saturday - while other weather outlets will be predicting gloom and doom - good old accuweather always holds out hope.

The worst weather season in my memory was 2006 - it was stormy for nearly every home game. The Akron game, of course was the hurricane with seriously cold miserable weather - on September 2nd!!!! But the weirdest day was the michigan game - it rained, flurried, was sunny, and featured serious wind gusts - many a pop-up canopy were lost that day. The most frustrating part was that it seemed that every Sunday was gorgeous - clear and sunny with warm temperatures and sometimes rainbows; it made for good traveling weather - but it was just cruel considering what we'd sat through the day before. We'd been pretty spoiled with the weather the previous 6 years or so - I guess we were due.

Now that the football season is over, I sometimes check to see what the weather will be here in Philadelphia - but I usually don't - and I'm often surprised when I look outside in the morning to see what the weather is like. If it's raining I've inevitably left my umbrella at the office. If I dress warmly and bundle up then it's record high temperatures, in January (as it was recently).

Every now and then I will check the weather in State College - and then I'll call my mom and ask if it did, indeed, rain that morning. But i rarely find use for the 15 day forecast - which is sad - It's 3 months until the Blue/White game - many weeks before old Elliot Abrams and co will be predicting rain or shine for that one.

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